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In this article, you will find the most common reasons why you can not log in to the Webnode editor; ie when the standard procedure, what you can find here, does not work and what you can do to fix it.

1. Forgotten or incorrect password

ATTENTION: This procedure applies to situations where you enter the correct e-mail address but do not know the correct login password.

1.1 You can reset the password via the link here.

Our email with a link to reset your password may go to spam, please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not immediately find the reset email in your main folder. If the password recovery e-mail is not delivered, it is very likely that the e-mail address entered is incorrect.

1.2 To change the password for an e-mail box created under your own domain (applies only to situations when the e-mail address is not set in the role of site owner or administrator), the project owner will need to change the password, see the related instructions here.

2. Forgotten or incorrect email address

2.1 First of all, we recommend that you proceed according to point 1. Forgotten or incorrect password and try to enter all e-mail addresses that you normally use or, for example, that you may have created for this purpose in the past.

2.2 Occasionally, the reason for not being able to log in is a typo in the e-mail that was entered during registration. In this case, we recommend that you check to see if your browser offers auto-completion of your email when you sign in, and that there is no misspelled email in your saved addresses.

Typing error

If it is possible that you registered a project under an e-mail with a typo, you can write to us directly from the contact form and we will be happy to change your registration e-mail.

2.3 If it is impossible to log in using any of the above ways (for example, if you forgot your e-mail address or it does not work), contact our customer support. At the end of this manual, you will find contact information for us.

3. Browser/device settings

If you enter the correct username and password, the inability to log in is probably caused by the browser or device you are using.

3.1 Try a different browser than the one you are currently using – we generally recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

For proper login functionality in another browser, we recommend clearing the cache (browser cache) and cookies in the previous browser, or try an incognito window (Browse in private mode). This launches the browser without plugins, which may cause the inability to log in. You can find how to clear the cache in the manual here.

3.2 Try another device – instead of a computer, try logging in from a mobile phone or tablet, for example.

If logging in to another device works for you, the problem will be with the original one. Here we can recommend disabling antivirus programs or firewalls at the time of login, or generally checking the device settings.

TIP: For each antivirus program, the process of suspending protection is a little different – in this case, it is a good idea to visit the support resources of the operator directly or simply find the processes in a search engine such as Google.

3.3 Try another internet network – especially if you are on a work network, as its operator may block certain accesses. Connecting to another internet network could help here.

3.4 If the login fails on another browser and device, or after clearing the cache, you will find contact information for us at the end of this manual.

4. I'm not a robot – captcha

When logging into the editor, and also when registering, the so-called captcha may be displayed; ie confirmation that you are not a robot. If you confirm the captcha correctly, but the confirmation is displayed repeatedly, at the end of this manual you will find contact information for us.


5. Outage

If the login normally works and suddenly fails; eg the Webnode portal does not appear or the login does not respond, there could be a short-term outage of our editor's availability. Control systems run in the background to monitor outages and, if they happen, the situation is resolved quickly.

Therefore, if you do not need to edit the page immediately we recommend waiting a few hours. You can always contact our support as well.

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