Why and how to create a slideshow for your website

July 25th, 2022
website slideshow

Are you wondering how to hook your visitor’s attention by the first glance at your homepage? And what’s more, keep him engaged?

In this age of instant gratification, it seems like a difficult task. But with the correct use of visually catching and time-approved design elements, you have a high chance to succeed. One of those elements is a slideshow.

The slideshow has been with us for years and has grown very popular among websites visitors. Therefore it is still relatable and undoubtedly worthy of your precious attention.

What’s more, it can provide a visually strong experience and make a first impression. Moreover, people have an idea of how to use it, so you don’t need to discover America again.

What is a website slideshow?

When you think of a slideshow, forget about your office job. We are all familiar with never-ending PowerPoints. But a slideshow for a website is infinite differently.

Website slideshows show one image/slide at a time, which slides into the next time in a loop.

However, the substantial difference between your manager’s Keynote and your website slider is that the website slideshow is engaging. It doesn’t make you yawn or sleep. On the contrary, it keeps you alert.

When strategically placed above the fold, it helps you catch visitors’ attention, engage them and convert them into customers.

add slideshow to website: ElfSight

ElfSight Slideshow

Why and when do you need a slideshow?

As stated above: A well-designed slideshow is a perfect constellation for winning the attention of your website visitors.

And you want that, right?

A slideshow is perfect for your photography portfolio, yummy photos of your restaurant’s meals, new and featured products, telling a story of your brand, and much more.

Slideshow presents your products more appealingly. You can even use it for showcasing your flagship product more convincingly.

It is also good way for sharing your story or mission more engagingly.

SlideShow editor

Powr.io SlideShow editor

What makes a good slideshow for a website?

There are some rules that make a slideshow user-friendly and engaging. While picking the slideshow website template, be sure the template follows these principles:

Enable manual transitions between slides. Use arrows or indicators

Manual sliding is a standard. It is expected by your visitors. They will not even think about not having this option. Don’t surprise them in the wrong way. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you cannot hit the undo/back button.

Show the number of slides by visual clues

Like dots. Or little thumbnails. Or whatever creative symbol you can think of, just put it there. So they know how many to go.

Don’t get overexcited. Limit the number of slides to five

It’s no surprise the first slide will get the most attention. Be mindful about that one.

By default, visitors will also click on the second and maybe the third. But their attention span is so short; they probably won’t check number 189. Even this paragraph is already too long. Are you still reading it? Well, you are unique.

TL;DR, 3-4 slides are alright.

Make the slider mobile-friendly

The only person in this world who is not mobile-friendly is your great-grandmother. But your visitors will most probably view your website on their portable black mirror.

Use optimized images for fast loading

This is pretty obvious. The bigger the image file, the more time it will take to download. For an optimized page, performance prepares the images in the photo editor first. Usually, you will find a preset for web optimization right in the editor.

Be sober when choosing the animation

Transition animation can do two things: engage the visitor or scare him. Make your pick and proceed accordingly.

How to add slideshow to your website

Depending on your user level, you can either choose to:

  • Use the built-in slideshow function for the image gallery or product listing
  • Create a flipbook and embed it in your website
  • Use an external online tool, (search for slideshow maker website) or, finally
  • Write your code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript

How to create a slideshow for a website with Webnode

add slideshow to website

Example of Webnode Photo Gallery Slideshow

Creating a slideshow image gallery is pretty easy with Webnode.

In the editor, click on the black plus button and choose Image gallery. After selecting the pictures from your device, hit Upload images. Afterward, change the View from the default one to a Slideshow.

And there you go, a photo slideshow for your website is done.

You can find a detailed tutorial in our Knowledge base which is titled How to Add a Photo Gallery.

webnode product list slideshow

Example of Webnode Product List Slideshow

For a product listing, the steps are almost the same. As a new content element, add a Product listing. Afterward, choose slideshow view under the Layout option.

More information you will find in the How to Edit a Product Listing article.

Online slideshow generators

Another way is to use a slideshow maker, like Cincopa. These online building tools usually let you create the slideshow for free, so you can try the different options for tweaking it. If you like it enough, you can purchase a premium plan.

add slideshow to website: Cincopa slider

Example of Cincopa slider

The created slider you can embed to your website using the HTML window.

You can also use AI slideshow maker tool to generate your slides.

Writing code by yourself

In this case, follow the instructions you can find on W3 schools and such. We wish you good luck.

What about a video slideshow?

A perfect way to present your company, skills, or products is to create a video. Either using pictures or producing an actual video. It’s much more engaging to share information, offers, and knowledge in a visual way.

For creating a video slideshow from pictures, you can use Canva. Then set it as a video background for the homepage header.

The slideshow is not sliding anywhere (a summary)

Contemporary slideshows created by using optimized pictures, thoughtful copywriting, and striking design elements are a perfect way to catch your visitor’s attention and interest.

Simply create a slideshow for your website that doesn’t sound generic like the sentence above.

Creating a slideshow is like opening Pandora’s box of designing and marketing choices. It’s a complex creative process. Have fun with it!

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