15 Years of Webnode: Successful Business and Website Stories of Our Users

September 15th, 2023
15th Webnode anniversary

In 2023, Webnode is celebrating its 15th anniversary. And there is a lot to celebrate! Webnode users are certainly one of the reasons for this, as they are a constant source of our inspiration. In this article, we will showcase our users’ stunning websites built on Webnode and their success stories.

What Do Customers Say?

Each user of Webnode’s website builder has great value for the company. As Webnoders like to say:

We help individuals and small businesses to be successful online.

Webnoders are always pleased to hear about the successful journey of their users. Anna Kodýtková, Localization Team Leader, says:  

“When I’m having a bad day, I go look at my favorite websites created on Webnode and remind myself that it makes sense and that our product helps real people.”

It’s no wonder that projects like Three Trees or Aranžérie improve Anna’s mood.

Examples of websites created on Webnode

Examples of attractive websites created on Webnode

Let’s sum up what our users appreciate about Webnode.

“Using Webnode to build the website for my business was easy. I was able to set up the whole site myself, and customer service was friendly and helpful whenever I had questions. The analytics feature is terrific, and the look of the website is professional and clean. What else could you ask for in a website building company?”

Judith Weinman https://www.accentjweinman.com/

You can find the website statistics, which Judith Weinman is talking about, in project administration. You can also connect your website with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

“Webnode has been AMAZING with helping me design and launch my professional website. The customer service and fast response are SUPERB! Thank you for making this process fun and seamless.”

Maisha Dyson https://maisha-dyson.webnode.page/

“Although we know graphics, we have taste and, of course, a sense of humor… not kidding, we didn’t know how to deal with the website and e-shop. We wanted to manage it ourselves, anytime and anywhere, without waiting. We didn’t have much money to spare from the beginning, and we aren’t IT workers either. And that’s where Webnode saved us. For good money, it is possible to create basically your own, original template of a fully functional e-shop, even if you are a complete amateur in the regard. Thank you!”

Michaela Prouzová a Klára Bittnerová https://www.notkidding.cz/

We display website premium plans with all features available in particular packages. Likewise, Webnode offers you an additional layer of security features, such as automatic backups and premium site security. Check them out!

projects built with Webnode

Wonderful user projects built with Webnode

“When my wife and friends decided to import quality olive oil and cosmetics from Italy, one of the first priorities was to create a friendly and functional e-shop. At the age of 55, when I had no experience with programming and the IT world, I challenged myself to build an e-shop myself. This was possible thanks to Webnode. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily a small e-shop can be set up.”

Aleš Pavlíček https://www.oilolio.cz/

Indeed, as Aleš Pavlíček says, you can enable an e-shop on your website whenever needed!

“When we decided to try selling online, we had been searching for a solution for a long time. We didn’t want a web designer to build the e-shop, because we wanted to be able to upload or update the products whenever we wanted. We have tried many editors, but Webnode has been the one that is easy for us to use.”

Éva Báldy https://www.baldydesign.hu/

Yes, the CMS (content management system) is accessible 24/7, and Webnode users can edit their projects on their PC as well as mobile devices. Do you need to give editing access to more people? Invite them as collaborators.

“First, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to create an original website that is worth looking at. You can easily create a stylish website by choosing your favorite design from a wide variety of templates and customizing it for yourself. The editing screen is also easy to use, and you get a quick response to your inquiries if you have any questions or problems.”

Mari Nerome https://www.marinerome.com/

All Webnode templates are categorized by theme in our template library. Moreover, after choosing one, artificial intelligence creates custom text content and chooses relevant pictures for your website.

business websites on Webnode

Stunning business websites running on Webnode

Webnode Users Are Our Inspiration

You can see many more user testimonials. The success of our customers is essential to us, that is why we regularly contact some of you and ask you to talk to us about your story.

Namely, one of the interviews we did, was with Fátima Degabriel. You can read an article about her handbag brand on our blog. We had another recent interview with the owner of Bed & Breakfast Louwina owner. For a couple of minutes, she will take you to the Swiss mountains.

Since Webnode is based in the Czech Republic, we, of course, talked to many Czech users. Two of them, Klára and Míša, are founders of the Not Kidding brand, which produces design accessories for children’s rooms. Find out more in our interview with them. Similarly powerful inspiration can be found in the artwork of Mari Nerome. Let us introduce you to traditional Japanese techniques in combination with contemporary art.

In fact, we never have to go far for a unique story and good quality work, as you can see for yourself in our interview with Guillaume Norig about his graphic work. Do you like jewelry? Read our interview with Markéta Havlíková and her work under the brand maya-art or our interview with Éva Báldy, owner of BáldyDESIGN.

To conclude, the creativity of Webnode users never ends, as well as our interest in them. In Czech, you can read about many more of our users and their stories:

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