New Feature Announcement: Membership Registration

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Webnode’s newest feature is one of our most requested. You will now be able to restrict access to selected pages of your website and make them visible only to approved site members. With our easy-to-use member management system, you will have complete control over who can view your website’s private and sensitive information.

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See your website with a different set of eyes

SmarlookSmartlook is a free and extremely simple tool that records the screens of your website’s visitors giving you information and insights that not even Google Analytics can offer. See your website through the eyes of your visitors by watching them interact with your website.

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We launched a new function. Start blogging!

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You asked, we listened. We are happy to announce that blogging, our most requested feature, has been launched. We are delighted to fulfil your wishes and make blogging available to you. From now on, you can share updates from your company, publish breaking news or become a full-time blogger. Read more …

Summer News in Webnode

Natural park NewThis summer, while people were enjoying well-deserved vacations, we continued to develop Webnode 2.0 for you. Now we’re bringing you the latest news. We focused on making the editor easier for you and also on fresh looks for your website.

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Webnode 2.0 News: Statistics, Forms, and New CMS Functions


Over the past few weeks, we have completed work on 6 brand-new features to help you get the most out of your Webnode website. Many more features are in progress so it is only a matter of weeks before we will have our next batch of features available.


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New Editor For Your Website: Webnode 2.0

LogoWe are happy to introduce Webnode 2.0, the new and improved version of our website builder. After over two years of hard and dedicated work by our team of developers and designers, we are finally able to present our straightforward and intuitive tool to help you create your own website.





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Quick Tip: How to Add a Live Chat to Your Website and E-shop

Quick Tip: How to Add a Live Chat to Your Website and E-shopA website without a live chat widget is like a shop without shop assistants. Very often, when potential customers are visiting your e-shop or business website, they are also comparing features and prices of your products to other websites. The first e-shop answering all their questions and queries is the one which gets the purchase. If your customers can not wait, add the Smartsupp live chat widget.
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Top 10+1 Webnode Websites of 2014

Top 10+1 Webnode Websites of 2014


2014 is a very special year for us. Webnode has reached the milestone of 18M users worldwide. So it’s time to recognize some of our most talented webmasters of this year. Their flair for design, know-how and online success helped them to be voted as the most popular among our Webnode teams.  

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News in Webnode: Domains NO, RU and SE

News in Webnode: Domains NO. RU and SERecently, our users in Russia, Sweden and Norway have got several new benefits. If your company or project are also represented in these countries, do not miss our update.

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Châssis Wallonie: An open door to the new web of the month

This month, we open the “online door” of Châssis Wallonie (Frames of Wallonie), a Belgian company specialized in the installation of frames and doors. Not only you will see a great website, you’ll also be inspired by this great example of how to to make a successful website for business. Keep reading to learn a lot. Read more …

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