Website Improvements: Take Your Website to the Next Level with a Premium Plan

May 19th, 2023
Choose your Premium Plan to improve your website.

How do you increase website visits, generate leads and have more customers? There is an easy way to level up your website or e-shop: a website upgrade. With it, you can create your domain name and email address to give your website a more professional and credible impression and develop your brand. It is so easy with Premium.

Why should you upgrade your website to Premium? 

If you are serious about your business or project, see your website as an ongoing investment. It is a source that grows with you and your plans. Do you need more storage space for your images, want to provide VIP access to specific pages, or suddenly need a backup? A free website will not offer adequate features, nor will it afford you the requisite customization. Upgrade your website to a Premium Plan and delight your customers with the best possible experience!

One of the most important reasons to boost your site to Premium is to appear more prominently in search results. More website traffic means more leads, potential clients and customers. Ultimately, this grows your business. 

When you upgrade your website, you will: 

  • improve your ranking in search results
  • optimize your marketing and sales 
  • increase your website traffic
  • reveal better insights into your website statistics 
  • sell your products online
  • understand your customers better 
  • have no design and code limitations 
  • be able to register your own domain names 
  • create your own email addresses
  • impress with more professionality and credibility
  • receive Premium customer support 
  • have more robust security

Ways to upgrade your website: which Premium Plan is the best for you?

At Webnode, the Premium Plans include the following features and functionality compared to a free website: 

Free vs. Premium Plan package overview.

Free vs. Premium Plans 

A Mini Plan will get you a domain for free for the first year, remove the Webnode Ad, provide you with more detailed statistics, and allow you to create your own email account. It is the perfect package to start with.  

But, if you like to understand your visitors better, we recommend the Standard or higher plans. With these plans, you have more storage, detailed analytics (conversion tracking), can fully customize your website footer, add a second or more language version to your site, and sell online. 

Powerful website improvements of Premium you will fall in love with

  1. A branded domain name will make your website look professional and trustworthy
  2. Deeper website optimization brings you more website traffic
  3. Better visitor tracking and connection with Google Analytics bring you valuable data
  4. Different language versions allow you to expand abroad
  5. Make your website more discoverable by searches on the web
  6. Appear competent with your own email address
  7. Use your Premium customer support whenever you need it

Not sure what plan to take? Follow the diagram below to decide which plan is best for you:

Website Improvements: Premium Plan

The diagram to decide which Premium Plan is the best  

Your domain name (is part of the plan) 

Do you know that Google classifies websites with subdomains like as secondary? They will never display in search results and cannot achieve high search traffic.  

The solution? Your own domain name.  

A website without a domain name is like a no-name brand.

When it comes to using the best suitable domain name for your site, think about your business. Register your domain with Webnode to have all services in one place. How much it costs to buy a domain name depends on the type of domain extension. A price overview can be found on our domain list.

By the way, did you know the domain is free for the first year if you subscribe to a Premium Mini Plan or higher?

Improve SEO with your domain

When your domain is active, add your site to the Google Search Console. This way Google can index your website in a matter of hours rather than months. You will have a better chance to appear in search results. For more search engine optimization advice, we recommend applying our SEO tips.

Discover more reasons why you should have your own domain name.

Never let go

If you have your domain registered, hang on to it. Make sure it renews regularly. It’s good to know that Webnode automatically renews your services if you purchased them with a credit card or PayPal. 

This is what happens if you do not renew your domain name

  • Your domain no longer belongs to you; it goes back to the registrar.  
  • The domain remains in quarantine until it expires completely. 
  • Once it expires, anyone can take it and register it for themselves. 

If your domain is in quarantine, luckily it can still be restored, but this may cost almost as much as our Premium Standard Plan. 

Know your site runs securely 

You stepped up with your website, investing time and money. Ensure you do not lose any of your data and updates.

Activate automatic backup. It creates a backup of your website automatically every night. Made a mistake and want to go back to the version from the last day?  No problem.

If you have not purchased this add-on, you can contact our customer care team to activate the backup service for you.  

Extra tip: Activate the website security functions to avoid annoying SPAM emails and to scan documents you receive via forms, for malware.

How to improve your website more – Market it! 

You’re all set. Your Premium Plan and domain are active, and you indexed your site or e-shop. Now it is time to promote your website:

Enjoy your website improvements right now