Webnodes Best of 2022

December 20th, 2022
Graphic of workers sitting in the office at their desk cheering to each other and giving a high five.

What has Webnode done this year? Space, we gave you more of it. Assistance, we are with you. Continue to find out which new features you might have missed this year.

Features and Functions


Mobile phone storage increases with every new release. So, Webnode gave you more space and doubled the storage for Limited and Mini Plans. For the higher ones, the data storage was increased by 50%.

We know your business is growing, and so is your content. No matter if it is images, text, downloadable files, forms, or videos, all shall be published online. Enjoy the little extras that maximise your internet presence.

Making editing your site easier

Starting a website from scratch as a novice can be a bit overwhelming. That is why the onboarding tool was created. What is that exactly? Whenever you create a new website project with Webnode, a step-by-step guide will assist you with your site.

Spacing block

And yet again, more space! In the web design blog article, you come across elements that make a website more readable and easier to navigate through. Moreover, what gives tired eyes a break is allowing them to stare into the blank. In a world of information overload, space is like letting fresh air into a stuffed room. Give people a breather and add a spacing block:

Inserting the spacing block


Aren’t you also annoyed when you open a website and have many questions, but can’t find the answers? Who among you has not searched for crucial information on pages of an online store trying to find out if you can have things delivered to your place?

You won’t be a bad example. Include an FAQ section on the pages of your site. It’s a guarantee your visitors will be satisfied, not disappointed.

Localized fonts

Webnode speaks your language. You will find our website builder exists in 24 different languages. But that is not all. Our tongues are also reflected in the fonts of the templates.

Taiwanese localization
Russian localization
Greek localization

New font families for Greek, Taiwanese, Ukrainian and Russian localizations


Unwanted messages from forms are annoying and discouraging. You are hoping for some lead contact, a booking or a serious question and instead, you get gibberish. Now, you can end this and filter the access to your website by IP address and activate the ReCaptcha.

Reveal suspicious files with malware scanning. For a guide on how to activate these useful functions, follow the description in our knowledgebase.


It was the year of new templates. Webnode’s professional designers released 178 of them. A new personal record!

During springtime, including the valentines templates, we released more than 20 new suggestions for your businesses. If you are hunting for something fresh, you will always find our newest collections here.

timeline of website templates released during spring 2022 showing images of the front page of the templates: a bakery, a book publication, a skateboard shop, ceramics and a carpenter

New templates released in spring 2022

By the way, the political Blog template, amongst the favourite templates, was the most selected one in 2022. It was the chosen one 39 914 times. The Footwear Store theme is the second most popular one (selected 27 977 times), and clearly the top e-shop.

Comprehensive template categories

As Webnode’s creative team continues to bring new templates for more topics, we started to classify the templates into more categories so that you find your perfect theme quicker. And to help you further, all template category overviews include useful information at the bottom. Sometimes it’s worth scrolling down.

Description example for online store templates that provides hands-on tips

Description example for online store templates that provides hands-on tips

We are a team, and you win


Webnode supports charity organisations that have their website with us. The latest sites we support are labkapomoci (webnode.sk), Kacenka detem (kacenka-detem.cz), and www.wcaaf.dk.

Sports Day image showing various sportive activities

Webnodes Summer Sports Day 2022 is there to train all our senses

Webnoders are sporty people. Our in-house challenges to count every kilometer on Strava do not just make us fitter. We also convert kilometers into coins. For example, the local charity Dobry Andel frequently receives donations from our efforts. We ran, swam, hiked and hopped half around the globe (27,276.6 km) to donate 136,383.0 CZK to this charity in the last month alone!

Customer support

We help individuals and small businesses to be successful online

We answered 230k email requests in 2022 and a whopping 85% would recommend our service to others. Our reply times are also known to be above industry standards.

Games are on!

Illustration in blue and yellow colours showing a person waving his hand next to a winning trophy

We awarded customers from around the world for their reviews. You can congratulate or follow the lucky one on our Facebook Page.

Good gossip

Webnode is the place to be. According to consumer reviews on Mapy.cz, we are a great company to work for! And in case you were wondering about an alternative to Google Maps, you found it now. 😉

“Same procedure as every year James!” is what Miss Sophie demanded from her butler in the Dinner for One comedy sketch.

Selected photos of Webnodes Open Day showing beer glasses, code text on a laptop and people chatting

Webnodes Open Day 2022

We like to make sure the functionality, performance and style of Webnode’s Website Builder is top notch. That is why Webnode seeks for the most talented developers to join our team during the yearly Open Day at Webnode. Interested to join? Keep an eye on our local Facebook Channel to find out when the next event is due!

Coming soon!

E-Commerce payment options

Klarna, already actively runs for our Nordic e-shop customers. Next year, we like to expand Klarna to different markets. All Klarna? 😉

What else can you expect in the future?

It’s simplicity

A lot of things Webnode does organized behind the scenes. For example:

  • making it straightforward for you to reach the support team through the contact form
  • optimizing the interface
  • feeding you with new tricks and tips in Webnodes blog and knowledgebase.

These refinements which will make life easier for you will continue. They all are aimed to assist you in building the website you want.

More things are waiting in the pipeline, and we are excited about next year. In case you read this and do not have your website yet, it’s high time. Have a look at our introduction video.