15 Years of Webnode: Unbeatable Team Life

September 22nd, 2023
15th Webnode anniversary

In 2023, Webnode is celebrating its 15th company anniversary. And there is a lot to celebrate! Are you wondering how to sustain vibrant company character, and functioning work teams, or how to adapt after the Covid era? Let’s have a look at Webnode’s team life and find out much more.

Team Life at Webnode

In our previous anniversary articles, we talked about the website builder, website features, and of course, the websites built on Webnode. Well, but is this all that Webnode is about?

“In 2012, whenever newcomer came to Webnode, the whole company gathered (around 30 people) in one room, formed a circle, the newcomer was standing inside and was shaking hands with everyone. It was cool!”

Martin Kleban, Chief Product Officer

Webnode is people. People with their own lives, troubles, dreams, and joys. Therefore, besides work, there is always a space for relaxation, friendship, and shared experiences.

Newcomers don’t shake hands with everybody in the company anymore, that would take a lot of time. There are 140 Webnoders in 2023. Moreover, since 2020 we have been part of an even bigger team – team.blue.

In addition, Webnoders can work in different work modes. There are basically two – flexible (minimum of 2 days weekly in the office) or fully remote. However, some of us choose to go to the office every day. We simply love it! We accepted this division of working regimes during the Covid years.

To illustrate internal life at Webnode even better, we will say it using pictures. Check out these numbers and fun facts about Webnode and get to know us even better.

Fun facts about Webnode
Fun facts about Webnode

Fun facts about Webnode

What Do Webnoders Say?

“My biggest success is when people are happy at Webnode.”

Zuzana Marková, Chief Personnel Officer

Do you associate happiness with laughter? There is always a lot of laughter in Webnode.

“In 2016, it was the era of “office pranks”. People were scared to come back to the office after their vacation. And it lasted way longer.”

Martin Kleban, Chief Product Officer

“When I came for the job interview in September 2017, there was a lot of traffic on the roof terrace, and people told me that the CTO had returned from vacation and guys had hung his computer under the balcony.”

Zuzana Marková, Chief Personnel Officer

Besides laughter in the workplace, Webnoders like to strengthen their bonds during their time off together. Several events take place during the year, which everyone remembers for a long time afterward.

Where to start? How about breakfasts, where there is always plenty of tasty food and drinks. One event was quite exceptional. Dan Nekonečný, a famous Czech entertainer and singer, came to visit Webnode.

Dan Nekonečný is visiting Webnode

Dan Nekonečný is visiting Webnode

Webnoders are active people, which is why they enjoy sports together at the annual summer event called Káčata and go on mountain trips together.

Competitions at annual event called Káčata
Competitions at annual event called Káčata

Competitions at an annual event called Káčata

“I fondly remember my first mountain trip with Webnode. There was a lot of snow, so we went cross-country skiing. I found that Webnode is full of very interesting people, whom I felt at home with.”

Anna Kodýtková, Localization Team Leader

“In 2017, we went skiing at Kouty and it was a changing of the guard. People who went skiing in the morning greeted people who hadn’t gone to bed yet.”

Pavel Beran, Technical Care Team Leader
Webnode trips to the mountains

Webnode trips to the mountains

At the end of the year, people from Webnode celebrate all their shared experiences at a Christmas party with different themes. There was a casino theme and the nineties. Every such party is a big event, but one of them was especially legendary.

“In 2022, there was the unparalleled ‘Murder in the Webnode Express‘ – Christmas party, which took place on real train – you can’t beat that.”

Hynek Lípa, Developer
Webnodes Christmas parties

Christmas parties with different themes

“Others make fun of me for renting an airship or a plane for one day. I really enjoy such events, it gives my work a twist, a difference, and a completely alternative dimension of HR. For me, it’s mainly about thanking people for the work they do. To say just ‘happy Christmas‘ is not enough.”

Zuzana Marková, Chief Personnel Officer

With this last part of our anniversary article series, we would like to THANK YOU – all our users, customers, and partners.

Without customers there is no company.

Among others, we have attached this statement to the wall in our offices. As Luke Paltridge, Chief Customer Officer at Webnode concludes:

If you don’t care about customers, you shouldn’t be running a business.

Check out the whole interview with Luke on our blog. We’ve also interviewed other former and current Webnode bosses, see what they say about their life preferences in a video.