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January 31st, 2020
Webnode website builder is ideal for individual and micro businesses,

What were the early days of Webnode like and what should people know about website building if they want to have their own website? These are just some of the topics our CEO Josef Hos discussed during his recent interview.

Taking a break from managing Webnode, Josef Hos talked to Website Planet about website building and online businesses. We thought you might enjoy reading a recap of their chat.

Time flies in Webnode

Webnode was founded back in 1998. At the time, not every company could afford to have their own website because it meant investing money in designers, developers and infrastructure. That’s why, in 2006, we decided to try a different approach. Our goal changed into making website building simpler, cheaper and more available. We wanted to turn Webnode into a platform where even people without technical knowledge and not a lot of money could build their own websites.

It took another two years before the first product could be launched in English and Czech. Step by step, we added more related services, such as domain registration, email service and mobile editing of both websites and online stores. All of that in 24 languages. We continue improving our product to offer people everything they need for running their website, all in one place. And it seems people appreciate the effort since we have reached a stunning number of 37 million websites created through our platform.

Who is Webnode made for?

Our product is ideal for individuals and micro-businesses and our internal goal is to help them become successful online. Small entrepreneurs often need to create websites without a large initial investment but don’t want to compromise on modern templates and necessary functions. In Webnode they can have it all for free. It’s ideal for testing out the features and, if needed, upgrading to one of our simple premium plans.

Before you start building a website

People often create their websites without much forethought. The simple truth is that you should know your customers and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve before you even choose a platform for your website.

Each website has a different goal and the goal, in turn, dictates which functions will be required. Painters, for example, might want to showcase their work in a photo gallery and will need a contact form so potential clients can easily reach out to them. Travel bloggers need to regularly publish new content and interconnect their website with social media. Restaurants benefit from having online booking forms and clearly visible menus. Handmade jewelry makers need online stores with local payment and shipping methods to sell their products. All of them need marketing services and campaigns.

What is your goal? Think about it before you choose the right platform to kick off your online business. And once you start working on your website, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. Our guide helps you.

Running an online business is easy now

What Josef Hos pointed out as particularly interesting, is how easily people can now start their online businesses. Need help with accounting or graphic design? The solution is just a few clicks away. Even inexperienced first-time business owners can do most of the work on their own, and in an instant, through their mobile phones. People have become used to expecting immediate results without putting in much effort. Social media fully supports this trend and the same applies to website creation. The good news is that there’s also a growing trend towards companies showing their appreciation for their clients through more personalized approach.

We have built Webnode on the same principles, so if you’re unsure about your website requirements or need any other help, get in touch with our in-house customer care. We believe that providing personal and friendly support in your language is a must.

Altogether, it looks like the future will be exciting and we can’t wait for what it will bring for our favorite website builder.

Are you planning to create your own website? Try this step-by-step guide.

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