16 Best Software for Small Business Owners (Free + Paid)

March 22nd, 2024
The best tools and software for small business owners

What helps small businesses set their sails toward the very limelight of success? It’s all about having the best software for small businesses at your fingertips. The best software streamlines your operations, links them more deeply to customers, and opens new opportunities.

What are the benefits of small business software?

Small business software is not only necessary for an entrepreneurial setup; it yields more than just efficiency—it has the power to change your business. Automating those chores with digital tools saves valuable time that one can employ in vital areas such as strategic growth and innovation.

●   Cost Reduction: Improves systems to minimize the cost incurred through manual labor.

●   Enhanced Efficiency: Offers automation and optimization of daily chores to reduce time wastage and errors.

●   More Enriched Experience for the Customers: Tools to enhance customer engagement and with the possibilities of improving personal service.

●   Data Insights and Decision Making: Provides informative insights through data analytics to make business decisions. Scalability: Businesses can scale as they grow without substantially increasing additional costs.

Why is software for small businesses so essential?

The story a business weaves with its customers and the technology that integrates into its operations goes beyond efficiency or scaling. Digital transformation solutions turn the base metal of data into gold: insights and wisdom, transactions into relationships, and challenges into opportunities for growth.

Hence, software becomes a significant vehicle to help small businesses build the foundation of their future success stories. Let’s look at some software that can help small companies achieve substantial results!

Best Website Builder for Small Business (Webnode)

Best Website Builder for Small Business (Webnode)

Webnode emerges as a beacon for small businesses seeking to carve their niche online without the complexities typically associated with web development. It offers a blend of simplicity and functionality, enabling anyone to craft a professional-looking website.

●   User-Friendly Interface:  It comes with drag-and-drop functionality, making it available to users of all skill levels. You will spend the least time learning how to create and launch a website for your small business.

●   Customizable Templates: It quickly gives access to several different designer templates with all the customization options that the brand expects.

●   SEO Tools: Built-in SEO tools to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

●   Multilingual Support: Create and manage websites in multiple languages.

Price: Free trial, Limited: $4.50/month, Mini: $8.50/month, Standard: $12.90/month, Professional: $22.90/month

Best Project Management Software for Small Business (ClickUp)

Best Project Management Software for Small Business (ClickUp)

ClickUp has emerged as the ultimate project management tool for small businesses looking to increase productivity and enhance collaboration between team members. It combines versatility with intuitive design, allowing for a customized project management experience.

●   Custom Views and Dashboards: Tailor your workspace with List, Board, Calendar, and Gantt chart views to match your team’s workflow.

●   Integrated Time Tracking: Directly track the time spent on tasks within ClickUp, aiding in accurate billing and productivity assessments.

●   Automation and Collaboration Tools: Simplify task assignments and enhance teamwork with automated workflows, comments, and notifications.

Price: It offers a comprehensive free plan; paid plans begin at $10/user/month, making it an affordable solution for growing teams.

Best CRM Software for Small Business (HubSpot)

Best CRM Software for Small Business (HubSpot)

HubSpot CRM empowers small businesses to seamlessly manage customer relationships, automate sales processes, and track interactions in a streamlined manner.

●   Contact & Deal Management: Effortlessly organize and track every customer interaction and deal in one centralized location.

●   Email Tracking & Engagement Notifications: Stay informed with notifications for email opens and link clicks, enabling timely follow-ups.

●   Marketing & Service Hub Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with HubSpot’s marketing and service tools for a unified view of the customer journey. 

Price: A robust Free plan is available; the Starter plan kicks off at $28/month, offering advanced features for scaling businesses.

Best Communication Software for Small Business (Slack)

Best Communication Software for Small Business (Slack)

Slack revolutionizes team communication, offering a platform for organized conversations, direct messaging, and efficient tool integration.

●   Channels for Team or Project: Organize your team’s discussions into channels for better focus and accessibility.

●   Voice and Video Calls: Facilitate clear communication with in-app voice or video calls, reducing the need for external tools.

●   File Sharing and Integrations: Share files effortlessly in conversations and integrate with tools like Google Drive and Trello for a cohesive workflow.

Price: A Free plan is available; the Pro plan is priced at $7.25/user/month, catering to diverse team needs.

Best Time Management Software for Small Business (Toggl)

Best Time Management Software for Small Business (Toggl)

Toggl Track offers a straightforward yet powerful time-tracking solution, providing insights into productivity and time management.

●   One-Click Timers: Start and stop timers with a single click, making tracking work hours seamless.

●   Detailed Reports: Gain insights into time allocation with comprehensive reports, aiding process improvement.

●   Team Dashboard: Monitor your team’s time usage, manage workloads, and ensure timely project completion.

Price: Free plan available; Starter plan at $10/user/month, with a 10% discount for annual subscriptions.

Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business (SimplyBook)

Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business (SimplyBook)

SimplyBook.me delivers a versatile booking system boasting over 70 custom features, including online payments and marketing tools, ideal for service-based businesses.

●   Customizable Booking Website: Craft a booking site that mirrors your brand, simplifying the customer appointment booking process.

●   Email and SMS Reminders: Reduce no-shows with automated reminders, ensuring clients remember their appointments.

●   Online Payments: Facilitate smooth transactions by accepting payments or deposits at booking.

Price: Free plan available; Basic plan starts at €8.25/month, enhancing feature access and booking capacity.

Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business (Zoom)

Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business (Zoom)

Zoom AI Companion enhances virtual meetings with intelligent meeting recordings, meeting summaries and action items, in-meeting queries, and more. 

●   HD Video and Audio: Guarantee clear communication with high-quality video and audio capabilities.

●   Screen Sharing and Whiteboarding: Collaborate effectively with screen sharing and whiteboarding features, boosting meeting productivity.

●   Breakout Rooms: Segment participants into smaller groups for focused discussions or workshops within a more significant meeting.

 Price: The free plan supports 40-minute meetings; the Pro plan starts at $22.49/host/month for extended features.

Best Call Center Software for Small Business (CloudTalk)

Best Call Center Software for Small Business (CloudTalk)

CloudTalk offers advanced features tailored for effective call center management, enhancing customer support and sales operations.

●   Smart Call Routing: Automatically direct calls to the appropriate agent based on set criteria, optimizing customer experience.

●   Call Recording and Voicemail Transcription: Ensure quality and follow-up easily by recording calls and transcribing voicemails.

●   Real-Time Dashboard: Keep a pulse on call center activities with real-time monitoring and performance indicators.

Price: Starting at $25/user/month, CloudTalk provides a range of functionalities suitable for small to medium-sized call centers.

Best Finance Software for Small Business (Billdu)

Best Finance Software for Small Business (Billdu)

Billdu streamlines the invoicing and financial tracking process, offering a straightforward solution for managing small business finances.

●   Easy Invoicing: Quickly generate professional invoices and send them directly to clients.

●   Expense Tracking: Keep tabs on business expenses, categorize them, and monitor financial health effortlessly.

●   Online Payments: Enable seamless invoice payments through integrated payment gateways, expediting payment collection.

Price: Free trial available; Lite plan starts at $3.99/month, with Standard and Premium plans offering additional capabilities for comprehensive financial management.

Best Cloud Storage Software for Small Business (Google Drive)

Best Cloud Storage Software for Small Business (Google Drive)

Google Drive ensures secure cloud storage and seamless file sharing within the Google Workspace ecosystem, fostering team collaboration.

●   Generous Storage Options: Start with 15 GB of free storage, with options to expand as needed.

●   Real-Time Collaboration: Work with team members on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations simultaneously.

●   Advanced Search Features: Locate files quickly with powerful search capabilities, enhancing efficiency.

Price: Google Workspace provides Business Starter at $6/user/month with a 1-year commitment, including a 14-day free trial for new users. 

Best Database Access Management Software for Small Business (StrongDM)

Best Database Access Management Software for Small Business (StrongDM)

StrongDM is a Dynamic Access Management platform that centralizes privileged access for all technical users to all critical infrastructure like databases and other data repositories.

●   Centralized Access Control: Provides a centralized platform to manage and control access to databases, enhancing security.

●   Audit Trails: Delivers detailed audit trails to track who accessed the database and when ensuring transparency and compliance.

●   Integration Capabilities: Integrates seamlessly with a wide range of databases, making it a versatile solution for different business setups.

Price: A 14-day free trial is available to all new users. StrongDM starts at $70/user/month for an Essentials tier. For Enterprise and GovCloud tiers, you need to contact StrongDM for customized pricing. 

Best IT Management Software for Small Business (NinjaOne)

Best IT Management Software for Small Business (NinjaOne)

In the realm of small business software, NinjaOne stands out as a comprehensive IT management solution. It caters to various aspects of IT infrastructure, providing tools for monitoring, managing, and securing your technology environment.

●   Monitoring and Alerting: NinjaOne offers real-time monitoring of your IT assets and provides instant alerts for any anomalies or issues.

●   Patch Management: Keep your systems up-to-date and secure with NinjaOne’s patch management capabilities, ensuring that vulnerabilities are promptly addressed.

●   Remote Management: Facilitate remote IT management with NinjaOne, allowing IT administrators to troubleshoot and resolve issues from anywhere.

Price: NinjaOne offers different pricing plans based on the number of devices you need to manage. Contact NinjaOne for detailed pricing information tailored to your business needs.

Best HR Software for Small Business (BambooHR)

Best HR Software for Small Business (BambooHR)

BambooHR centralizes employee data in a single, secure system, simplifying HR tasks such as hiring, onboarding, and performance management.

●   Centralized Employee Database: Keep all employee information organized and accessible in one place.

●   Applicant Tracking System: Streamline the recruitment process with tools for job posting, applicant tracking, and interview scheduling.

●   Performance Management Tools: Assess and manage employee performance with customizable reviews and feedback mechanisms.

Price: Custom pricing model; contact BambooHR directly for a quote tailored to your business needs.

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business (SendPulse)

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business (SendPulse)

SendPulse is an incredible boon for small businesses willing to make a success out of email marketing. The tools to automate campaigns, personalize messages, and give deep-dive analytics make it a perfect fit for small businesses.

●   Automated Campaigns: Automate your email marketing workflows to reach your audience immediately without manual intervention.

●   Personalization: Email personalization using dynamic content unique to each recipient, boosting the level of involvement and, eventually, the conversion percentage.

●   Detailed Analytics: Track the performance of your email campaigns with detailed reports on opens, clicks, and conversions.

Price: A Free plan is available for basic needs; Paid plans commence at $8/month, offering enhanced features for growing businesses.

Best Social Media Marketing Software for Small Business (Buffer)

Best Social Media Marketing Software for Small Business (Buffer)

Buffer simplifies social media management for small businesses, providing tools for scheduling posts, tracking engagement, and analyzing performance across platforms.

●   Schedule posting: Plan your social media content and schedule content posting to maintain a continuous online presence.

●   Analytics: Get a good grip on valuable insights into your social media performance through analytics that analyze post engagement and audience growth.

●   Engagement Tools: Engage with your audience effectively using Buffer’s tools to monitor and respond to conversations on your posts.

Price: A free plan is available for basic functionalities; Paid plans begin at $12//month for teams, with an Essential plan starting at $6/month for one channel.

Best Content Marketing & SEO Software for Small Business (SEO PowerSuite)

Best Content Marketing & SEO Software for Small Business (SEO PowerSuite)

SEO PowerSuite is essential for small businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility through SEO. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for keyword research, backlink analysis, and website audits.

●   Rank Tracker: Keep track of your website’s rankings across different search engines and optimize your SEO strategies accordingly.

●   WebSite Auditor: Analyze your website for SEO issues and receive actionable recommendations for improvement.

●   SEO SpyGlass: Unveil your competitors’ backlink strategies to boost your site’s authority.

●   LinkAssistant: Streamline your outreach efforts for building a network of high-quality backlinks.

Price: Offers a free version with basic features; the professional version is priced at $299/year and is suitable for more in-depth SEO campaigns.

Bird View:

CategorySoftware Key FeaturesPrice Start
Website BuilderWebnodeEasy website creation, and responsive design templates.$3.90/month
Project ManagementClickUpCustom views, time tracking, automation$10.00/user/month
CRMHubSpotLead/deal management, email tracking$28.00/month
CommunicationSlackChannels, messaging, integrations$7.25/user/month
Time ManagementTogglTimers, reports, dashboard$10.00/user/month
Appointment SchedulingSimplyBook.meOnline booking, reminders, payments€8.25/month
Video ConferencingZoomHD video/audio, screen sharing$22.49/host/month
Call CenterCloudTalkCall routing, recording, dashboard$25.00/user/month
FinanceBillduInvoicing, tracking, payments$3.99/month
Cloud StorageGoogle DriveSecure storage, collaboration$6.00/user/month
Database ManagementStrongDMSecure access, centralized control, and comprehensive auditing.€70.00/month
IT ManagementNinjaOneAutomated workflows, comprehensive reporting suite.Custom quote
HR ManagementBambooHRDatabase, tracking, managementCustom quote
Email MarketingSendPulseAutomation, personalization, analytics$8/month
Social Media MarketingBufferPost-scheduling, analytics, engagement$6/month
Content and SEO MarketingSEO PowerSuiteRank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant$299/year


The perfect software means improved efficiency, innovations brought on board, and scalability within the growth of a small business. Use these best software for small business tools to streamline operations, engage customers more profoundly, and carve out an edge over competitors in a bustling digital marketplace. Apply the strength of small business software to improve your business right now. Shape your business today, and grow the growth that you always envisioned.

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