Your Page Name, URL address, And Website Title Matter

June 18th, 2020
Learn why and how to create page names, titles, addresses in Webnode website builder.

Successful SEO requires good use of the page name, web address and title on your website. How can you edit these elements in Webnode and what to avoid? We’ll show you how to use them for better results.

The rules for optimizing page names, addresses and titles are similar to those for creating website content. Make them sound natural , but also use appropriate and relevant keywords . Search engines will favor your site and visitors will appreciate it too.

You can edit each element under the “Pages” tab located in your website builder. Just click on the page name if you want to change it and find the rest in the SEO settings section:

Page name, address and title can all be easily updated in Webnode Page Settings.

What is a good page name?

A good page name should be short and correspond with the content. Long page names are not only confusing but also hurt the design of your website.

What is a URL address?

A URL address is a web address that specifies the location of a resource on the internet. It’s what you type into a web browser’s address bar to visit a specific website or retrieve a particular web page.

The URL ending or the exact web page address is mostly the same as the page name because it’s generated automatically out of it whenever you create a new page, but you can update or simplify it. Just remember that if you change the address, the page no longer appears on the original URL and visitors still using it will be shown a 404 error page .

To avoid a drop in the number of visits, it’s always necessary to update the existing links. A similar situation also applies to search engines – it takes them some time to replace the old URL with the new address so you might encounter some errors in your Google Search Console account. To speed things up, request indexing of the new address through the URL Inspection tool in Search Console . But overall, we wouldn’t recommend making these changes when it comes to your most visited pages.

What is address title?

Address title (correctly webpage title or website title) is a brief and descriptive name that is given to a specific webpage on a website. It appears at the top of a browser window or tab when that particular page is open.

A website title will show up in several places. You will find it in the browser tab along with the favicon and it will be displayed whenever someone shares a link to your page on social media. Even more importantly, search engines show the title in their search results.

Most of us would read the blurb before deciding to buy a book and similarly, people will scan through the titles and descriptions in search results before choosing to visit your site. Keep the title short enough to fit into the limited space there, but long enough to give visitors a clear idea of what’s waiting for them on the website. You can include a short description of the page and a catchy call-to-action slogan, for example – “Free website builder – create your website easily!”

Make sure to fill out all of these elements for every single page on your website. If you forget, search engines will just use whatever text they can find on the top of your page and the results might discourage potential visitors from checking out your website.

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