What is a Favicon? A Small Icon with a Big Task

November 20th, 2019
what is a favicon

Just a few pixels which help to clearly identify your website in a mess of open browser tabs. That’s your favicon, a small icon shown in the address bar or a panel with your website. What can you do with this small space and why should you have a favicon?

Your readers and customers should recognize your website at first glance. This might be tricky since a typical internet user has around 20 open tabs at once. The names of opened websites are not visible and all this user can see are small fields with tiny icons – the favicons. You don’t need to rely on an automatically generated icon that will fade in with all the other favicons. Yours can stand out and here’s how.

Pick your favicon from our gallery

We’ve compiled a variety of themes and colors to offer an interesting icon for every type of website. You will find them in your website settings and they’re ready to be used in just a few clicks. In the same place, you can also upload your own, totally unique icon.

Pick a favicon from our gallery

Our gallery is full of colorful and original favicons

Your favicon can be a logo of your company, the first letter of your name or any other favorite graphic design. It just needs to have the correct size and format.

What is the best size and format of favicon

The ideal size of the favicon you can upload in our website builder is 128 x 128 px. Even though the favicon will turn out much smaller when displayed on a desktop screen, it’s important to also consider its look on mobile phones, tablets, and favorite bookmarks.

The correct format of the favicon is .ico. This might seem confusing, but there are several websites where you can easily convert your image to the correct format for free or you can even create your own design from scratch.

The best favicons you can find online

A few creative favicons you can come across online

Some of the most popular favicon tools are:

Once you’ll have your own favicon ready, find a guide explaining how to add favicon into your website.

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