Your wedding is coming! Create your wedding website and make memories.

Selection of wedding templates. From top left to bottom right are a heart of flowers, a couple holding hands, a hippy couple kissing in the forest, a kissing couple in elegant dresses

If you are still deciding between a wedding or mortgage, this is not for you. Did you decide on a wedding? Lucky you, keep reading!

This is not just about creating a pretty wedding website. It’s about how to make memories, utilize the website functions to plan your big day, and inspire others from your experience. You can even make money with it so that you can buy your dream home later.

Wedding essentials

Organizing a wedding doesn’t need to be stressful. Believe it or not, your website can help you. Website builders offer specific wedding themes, which have all the important pages included to let your guests know what happens when and where.

There are two main options to present your wedding site:

  • Landing page (LP)
  • A multiple page website

The first option is straight to the point, the other an opportunity to grow your site.

Landing Page Multiple pages
PROsInformation is concise and easy to grasp. Guests can concentrate better on specific content and will be guided step by step.
Editing is fast. More versatile.
Here, different sub-pages can be generated for different purposes, e.g., a wedding photo memory book or a blog can be used a long time after the wedding event.
CONsAll info on one page can be overwhelming. It involves more work.
Including all details, means content will fall below the fold. Websites with too many pages can have the opposite effect of being structured. Visitors should find their answers and information within less than 3 clicks.
Difficult to utilize your page after the wedding to grow.

Listed pros and cons of a wedding LP multiple-page website

Decide if you want to have a wedding website where your guests will see all the facts on one single page or if you prefer to go deeper, creating an extraordinary wedding experience for your guests and you.

If you invite many guests and celebrate outside of your neighbourhood, logistics, such as providing accommodation and travel instructions become indispensable. In case you consider profiting from your wedding website long term, then the multiple-page version might be the option for you.

The devil is in the details

A wedding is no surprise. Your guests want to know how they can prepare and what to bring, so give them some clues. Inform them about your wedding day schedule and possible activities around it. For example, if the wedding venue has a pool your guests may want to bring their swimming kit.

Remember how Bridget Jones dressed up in a playboy bunny costume for a tea party, but no one else was in fancy dress? Putting the vital details down will also help you to keep an overview.

Example of a wedding front page. People will know immediately about what, where, and when.

Example of a wedding front page. People will know immediately about what, where, and when.

You’ve probably been a wedding guest once before. Put down all questions that the family, bridesmaids, friends, and other guests may have, and create a separate page for each topic. Displayed as an overview in the form of a card grid or simple FAQ list, these topics will help your guests to find their answers promptly.

A card grid overview that answers potential questions of your guests

A card grid overview that answers potential questions of your guests

Location Location Location!

Make information about the “where” stand out on your front page. For any further details about booking accommodation and travel options, people can access a button that guides them to a separate page. Whatever brings the ones you love to spend your big day with fast and smoothly to the venue must be on this page.

Example of the Wedding location page

Example of the Wedding location page


The who, when, where and what are all paramount for event planning. A separate page will inform your guests about the nitty-gritty of your wedding timeline. Here you can display when and where the ceremony will take place, what to expect after the formal procedures; and most of all when the buffet is open.

Example of a possible wedding day schedule

Example of a possible wedding day schedule

Répondez s’il vous plait (RSVPs)

Manage confirmations of your invitees hassle-free with customizable forms. In such a manner, you can let your guests include comments, food allergies and extra wishes.

Moreover, the forms bring you enough input to prepare your table seating arrangements and decide which family member to invite for the rehearsal dinner. See, you are one step further.

Example of a guest response from

Example of a guest response from

Planning ahead

Creating a wedding website can be done in a matter of minutes. Despite this, it will pay off to start early.

Six months before you could collect all RSVPs, and about four weeks in once the wedding guest list is sorted, update your wedding pages with more details. At this point, you can reveal more about the venue and activities. Publish the status of your evolving wedding page frequently on social media to gain an early reach and remind your guests.

Another way is writing a blog or creating a vlog about your personal wedding journey. Here, people follow your quest on how to find a wedding dress like Kate Middleton, or dream with you about your perfect stag do. How much you want to go public is up to you.

Involving your guests is beneficial too. Those keen helpers are more than happy to give you a hand and tend to look forward even more to the wedding day. You could also prepare an online forum where guests can name 5 of their favourite songs. This way, you will have your wedding playlist sorted in a flash. Also, letting friends guess what your first song will be is another way to add music or express to the band you hired some concrete ideas.

Wedding gifts

Use your wedding website for presents. Here, you could:

  • Provide a wish list with items linking to the retailers
  • Create a virtual piggy bank (aka. bank account) to finance your honeymoon
  • Set up a fundraising project

Private pages

Everything that could be public in a blog can be restricted to only your guests and plus-ones. Modern website builders include the function that permits access to selective pages via a login password.

A lot of help is needed to organize a wedding. Many people are usually involved. Embed an exclusive section on your site, where you grant access only to selected participants. On these pages, you gather anything that would not concern most of your guests, e.g., a section for bridesmaids or the performance artist who plans a small show for you.

In a group chat with key role-players that need coordinating during the day, such as guests participating with a small gig, caterer, and chauffeurs, decisions can easily get buried under all the comments. Use the restricted pages of your website as a final update point.

Many divide the invitees by close family members and those only joining the reception after the official ceremony. Restricted pages for those close members will make this distinction possible.

Wedding with a view into the future

Some marry more than once. Once the vows are whispered; you are not the only one believing this is forever. So, why not make your wedding website last a bit longer too?

Give advice and advertise

Spending YOUR day on the charming boat, in that magnificent chateau or that rustic mountain hut was pure bliss? Why not use your wedding website to promote your wedding location?

You could also advertise for the catering service or the florist that arranged these marvellous flower bouquets to those who seek such service for anniversaries, funerals, or company parties. Become an affiliate to these services, receive a commission and earn some passive income. Find out more about how affiliate marketing is working, under “affiliate and niche websites” in the following article.

If a professional photographer captured your wedding, you could recommend the services to others or make some art wedding photos you own available for purchase on image data banks like Shutterstock. Years later, when smartphones are as vintage as the old phone booth, you might rediscover yourself on a virtual hologram.


Your wedding was a success, but some things did not pan out? Create a page, telling an imaged story about expectations vs. reality or your wedding bloopers. Before and after pictures are popular too. People appreciate honesty. Not everything is a sugar-coated lollipop. If the audience can laugh about it, it’s worth it.

Or, use your wedding site to document your wedding anniversaries to come. Who knows what anniversary is in 1, 2, 3 to 5 years? You can make it to the golden wedding!

Guests provide images they took when you played wedding games that will make people laugh and provide ideas for their own parties. A German tradition is to smash porcelain before the wedding. They call this a “Polter-Abend” (polter-evening) to scare bad spirits away. Do you bring any traditions? If yes, the world is curious to know.

Promised presents

Let extraordinary gifts, which include events your wedding guests promised to take you to, become true and unforgettable when placed on your wedding website. Create a blog or extra page to remind your guests to keep the promise. Readers will thus find future ideas for personal gifts.

Share memories

A photo gallery will make everyone remember. Videos, a virtual wedding album and other visual documents will be enjoyed by those who witnessed the day and let those who could not make it participate.

Use your wedding website to share your honeymoon experience. Show your images from Bora Bora, Maldives or just the Scottish Highlands.

There are not five or six wonders of the world but only one alone: LOVE. — Jacques Prévert

Wondering how to create a website? Check the step-by-step guide.