How to Make Your Wedding Website? Tips and Wedding Website Examples

May 12th, 2023
Selection of wedding templates. From top left to bottom right are a heart of flowers, a couple holding hands, a hippy couple kissing in the forest, a kissing couple in elegant dresses

You are getting married? Congratulations! A wedding website will make it easier for you to share information and gather responses from guests. Think practical, about your story and making memories. Utilize your website to plan your big event, so you can relax and enjoy a beautiful day.

There are not five or six wonders of the world but only one alone: LOVE.
— Jacques Prévert

What do you include on your wedding website?

Don’t know why you need wedding web and what to write about? It is all about the Ws:

  • When is the date?
  • Where will it take place?
  • What to expect?

People want to see this information at first glance.

Wedding Website Examples: front page

Wedding website examples: front page. People will know immediately about the when, where and what.

Save the date

The date completes the “wedding front page triangle“: you, your soon-to-be spouse and the when. Besides sending save the date” invitation cards, you can use your website to reveal the when first, before you update it with more info. More on that later. 😊

Location, location, location

Equally important is the where. Make it stand out on a dedicated page.

Wedding Website Examples: Wedding location

Example: location page

Details about booking accommodation and travel options can be accessed by a button that links to a sub-page. Whatever brings the ones you love to your big day, fast and smoothly, must be on this page.

Extra Tip: Do you have guests attending from other cities or countries? They will appreciate your recommendations. These can include interesting sites to see in the days leading up to or after the big day.

Good timing

Inform your guests about the nitty-gritty of your timeline. On a “what to expect” page for example, you can let guests know when and where the ceremony will take place, what to expect after the formal procedures, and most of all when the buffet is open.

Wedding Website Examples: wedding schedule

Example: wedding day schedule

Dress code and more

Remember how Bridget Jones dressed up in a Playboy bunny costume for a tea party, but no one else joined in with the fancy dress?

Your guests want to know how they can prepare, so give them some clues. Inform them about your day schedule and possible activities around it. For example, if the venue has a pool your guests may want to bring their swimming items.

Putting these vital details down will also help you to see the overview of the whole process.

Wedding FAQs

Put down all questions that family, friends, and other guests may have. Displayed as a card grid or simple FAQ list, topics will be viewed easily.

Wedding Website Examples: wedding faqs

Example: A card grid overview that answers potential questions of your guests

Répondez s’il vous plaît (RSVPs)

Manage confirmations of your invitees hassle-free with customizable forms. You can let your guests write down comments, food allergies and extra wishes.

Moreover, the forms give you enough input to prepare your table seating arrangements and decide which family member to invite for the rehearsal dinner. See, you are one step further. 😉

Wedding Website Examples: guest response form

Example: A simple guest response form

Private pages

Grant access to restricted content:

  • to special guests, like bridesmaids or performance artists, so they can coordinate the day and receive updates from you
  • to close family members, giving them a better insight than “regular” guests

Choose your wedding template and start creating

Plan ahead and share

Creating a wedding website can be done simply and easily. Still, it will pay off to start early and share website planning updates on:

Extra Tip: Let your guests name their favourite songs. This way, you will have your playlist sorted in a flash.

Wedding gifts

  • Provide a wish list with items linking to the retailers
  • Create a virtual piggy bank (aka. bank account) to finance your honeymoon
  • Set up a fundraising project

Use your web even after the wedding

Here are some tips:

Give advice and advertise

  • You could advertise for the catering service, location or musicians.
  • Make your photos available for purchase from image sites like Shutterstock.
  • Recommend a wedding salon for future brides.
  • Advise others how to make a wedding website and make organization easier.
  • Monetize your website and get extra income.

Promised presents

Let extraordinary gifts, which include events your guests promised to take you to, become unforgettable. Create a special page to remind your guests to keep their promises. Other readers will find ideas for future personal gifts.

Share memories

Videos, an album and other visual media will be enjoyed by those who witnessed the day and let those who could not make it be included in the fun.

Planning your next event? See how to create a website for other events