Beauty Salon Website: Create One that will Attract your Customers

July 19th, 2022

If you are someone born with a sense for aesthetics and beautiful things, you know the importance of having strong visual content on your website to attract visitors.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a graphic designer or coder to impress your customers. Website builders provide stunning beauty salon website templates that make visitors feel in good hands once they open your site.

Whilst you have the freedom to create your own layout and design from all templates, why not start with one that already has a suitable structure and contains all the important pages? Themes like Hair, Massage Salon and Aroma Cosmetics may already fit your business, leaving you to concentrate on words or play around with colours and images to create the atmosphere you desire for your customers.

A fresh and clean sky-blue with bold lettering or a warm and cosy terracotta brown with romantic touches? The choice is yours.

First impressions count

Your main page with your header image is the one visitors will see first and will even return to when considering making an appointment with you. It is like the host opening the door to all your customers. Therefore, a little bit of thought and sweat put into your header image will go a long way.

Your header image

Some may portray themselves in a hearty conversation, laughing together with a happy client. Others showcase an image of their finest results that will make The Kardashians look boring.

Oh, sorry, are you a dog groomer? How dare we forget to mention the perfect pink poodle?! View your header image as the best example of yourself and your work.

Beauty salon website: front page

The header image of your front page should reflect you at your best.

You, your team, your skills

What services

Can you do more than just trimming? Highlight your specialty. If you provide students a miraculous makeover for their prom night, bridesmaids the perfect style for a wedding or Afghan Hounds a Farrah Fawcett Hairdo, show it with a huge image gallery and testimonials.

Who can do it

Visitors want to know about you and who is in charge. Tell your story in a short paragraph or video on your About us page. Introduce your team, especially when you are a beauty parlour offering mixed services, such as massages, haircuts, hair removals or pedicures. Being transparent will create trust and credibility.

Beauty salon website template

An example of introducing your team


Your contact page, the centre of the universe

Once visitors have reviewed your portrait haircuts and various styles (and like what they see), they will make an appointment. They’ll want to do this as quickly and easily as possible. For you Figaro, the contact page is your tool to gravitate everyone to you. Offering several contact options, e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, landline, and email will provide your customers with their preferred way of communication.

You can link to your contact page anywhere on your website. A call to action, such as a button leading to a booking system, your chat, or your phone number placed in several places will make it easy for the customer to reach you.

Beauty salon website example

Example of linking your services to a booking or contact form

For example, you could include your contact address, phone number and social media handles placed on all headers automatically and place buttons on other pages where sensible, such as next to your gallery for unisex short haircuts.

Answer their questions in advance

Consider your contact page as the source for your customers to answer their remaining questions, for example:

  • What happens if my haircut needs re-trimming in less than 6 weeks?
  • What happens if I am not satisfied with the result?
  • Do you do home visits?
  • Do you offer vouchers?
  • Do you sell hair products too?

Your booking system

With a form, customers can schedule their appointment with you. Booking systems, such as, allow your customers to find the best option at a convenient location and time.

With the 3 main essentials (header image, your team and bookings) noted, there is one more general topic that will make your beauty salon website more user-friendly.

Visual guidance

What if your customers don’t want to read all your text, but are led by images instead? This way, booking an appointment and deciding which haircut to go for can be joyful and simple.

The trick is to link images and small text boxes. In the article about Web design, we described the card grid design. By adding a portfolio or service section in the Webnode Editor, you can display options for your customer that lead to more detailed information or a call to action, such as filling out a booking form.

Beauty salon website portfolio

An example of image based design through adding a portfolio section

Using image based design allows you to create various categories. Each card represents one category. This way, you can provide your visitor a clearer overview of your services. They might discover they need a new haircut and also a pedicure, or require a facial over a new perm.

In terms of different haircuts suitable for long and short hair, customers can even be encouraged to try the trendiest style after viewing your best results.


When it comes to visuals, we are proud to present one example of our customers’ websites. If you’re searching for some inspiration, take a look at the following list:

With Dermovallis you get the feeling that everything will be extraordinary. The skin care products offered include natural ingredients which are medically approved, allowing everyone to find a solution.

Do you think we should mention your website here? If so, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form.

Considerable extras

The bixie is back

Include a tool where customers can upload their images to see if they can rock wavy extensions, a blue 90s haircut or see how they might look once their long-life dreads will be chopped off. There are many hairstyle and makeover apps for Android and iOS, but the virtual hairstyler is an online website that can be easily linked to your website through a button.


Add a form where customers can send you an image for suggestions of haircuts they would like to receive. This allows a conversation prior to the appointment so that you are well prepared.

Colour tested

Advise your customers on their color type and let them do a test that decides which shades and tints suit them best. Not only hair coloring should fit the complexion, but makeup and nail polish too.

Sustainable future

According to research by Power Reviewers sustainability is a key factor for Generation Z and Millennials. Right now, sustainability focuses more on fashion than other consumables, but why not move the trend forward by being an example of an environmentally conscious beauty shop? Offering products stored in recycled plastic containers and using vegan or recycled materials for your interior and tools might certainly increase your customers’ interest.

You now know how to build your beauty or hair salon website in no time. If you would like to take the next step and be found quicker in search engines, read our top tips on how to improve your SEO.

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