We launched a new function. Start blogging!

October 7th, 2016

You asked, we listened. We are happy to announce that blogging, our most requested feature, has been launched. We are delighted to fulfil your wishes and make blogging available to you. From now on, you can share updates from your company, publish breaking news or become a full-time blogger.

Your own blog in minutes

Your blog can be easily added as a new page. The blog page contains everything you need to get your creativity flowing. We created three blog posts to show you how to work with texts and give you a few ideas of what this new function offers.

Anything from minimalistic articles to visually appealing blog posts full of images can be created as easily as anything else on your website. The first image you add to your post will serve as the cover photo in your list of posts so there is no need to upload or set up any special images.


List of articles and the management buttons

Blog post management and settings

Managing basic SEO settings for each article and schedule the publishing date is a piece of cake. The management is very similar to the page settings of your website. You can even add Facebook comments, sharing buttons or HTML codes in the blog settings.


Blog post management

Once your first posts are ready to go, you can switch your focus from the literary to the artistic and decide how to display them on your website. You can choose from several layouts we prepared for you. Do you want to display only the title of each post? Or do you have amazing images in the posts that you would like to showcase? Try the various layout options on for size and choose the one that fits the style of your website the most.

Layout options

The blog page is not the only page where your articles will be visible. You are able to add a list of your recent posts to any page of your website. You can then change the layout of the list to fit the style of the page. Insert either a small content block to an existing section or add a special section with a catchy title.
blog feature

Adding recent posts to the page

We know that the blogging function will make you happy and will help you take your website to the next level. If you are already using it, or if you would like to know more, let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Are you planning to start blogging? Try the step-by-step guide.

P.S.: We are putting the finishing touches on a new set of templates designed especially for bloggers!