How to Create a Website About Football

July 22nd, 2012

Football is considered the king of sport which unites fans from around the world. In many countries, football is more than a sport, it’s an activity of daily life. The excitement around football is such, that there are millions of football experts who share their opinion on a pass, a penalty, and more!

If you live for football and claim yourself an expert, if you like to share your opinion and the latest news on your team, you can have so much fun with Webnode! We’ll give you some advice on how to create a free website about football so you can become an expert on the Internet!

1. Choose a relevant template

To help you choose website template, Webnode prepared several templates for sports sites. In choosing the model, make sure it has the menus in the position you want (horizontal or vertical).

Give life to your chosen template by uploading the team logo or pics of your favorite players celebrating a goal!

2. Create pages for different subjects

Create different pages to handle specific content. For example, create a new section for the latest news, classification, the top scorers, the squads, etc. Streamline each page with pictures, they animate your site! Keep your site updated and fans will visit your page regularly.

3. Encourage participation

Express your opinion and ask visitors what they think of a missed goal or a penalty kick. Encourage them to comment and participate. Create polls and promote competition. Make a forum to discuss the best 11 for a decisive game. Surveys are an excellent way for you to collect the opinions of visitors, for example ask “Who was the best in the last game?” Create a “fan of the month” contest to increase the number of comments and avid followers.

4. Put the most important news first

On the main page of your site, give prominence to the most important news of your team. If the team’s top scorer was injured or if the coach decided to change the goalkeeper, everyone will want to know this news, right? Give greater emphasis on this kind of news and never forget to update with a photo illustration.

5. Share on social networks

Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account and celebrate every goal in real time with followers! With social networks, you’ll pull in more traffic to your website.

The most fantastic of all is that you can have your free sport website in five minutes with Webnode. If you don’t have a website yet and want one for free, register at and you’ll soon experience that every shot is a goal!

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