Forms for your website – a useful guide

November 20th, 2020
Forms for your website

Are you introducing a new product to the market? Carry out a market research. Do you host an event and need to create an online registration? No problem, we will show you how to use Google Forms.

Webnode and its integrated form builder can help you with many cases where a form might be needed. The most common types of forms, such as contact form, newsletter sign-up, or order form are predesigned and available in the editor within just a few clicks. You can also create any other type of form on your own. The builder allows you to:

  • add and remove many different types of fields
  • rename them
  • set required fields
  • define what happens after the form is submitted
  • store all submitted data safely in one place

We created a detailed guide for you in our knowledgebase. If you need a more complex solution than our forms, we recommend Google documents. Their offer is more than satisfactory.

What is Google Drive?

Put very simply – it is an online and free version of the MS Office package. It allows you to create text documents, sheets, or presentations. You can share your documents with selected colleagues or on your website. There is just one condition – you need to have a Google account.

How to create a Google Form?

Let’s assume that you already have your own Google account. It is created automatically when you register an email account with Google – Gmail. In that case, you can jump right to your very own space on Google Drive. Using a colorful button “New” you can create a new form and let your creativity go wild.

Creating a new form.

How does Google Form work and what are the basic functions it offers?

  • Add a name and a description to your form
  • Choose a font, color or add an image to the form header
  • Add sections and duplicate any part

The Palette symbol opens options of theme and graphics personalization.

Panel on the right allows you to edit each section.

The Gear wheel icon in the top right corner – general and advanced settings. Remember to toggle option “Collect email addresses”.

Do you prefer having responses ordered and sorted out? Green icon allows you to fill them in the Google Sheets.

TIP: Did you know that you can transform a Google form into an online quiz? Choose the option “Quizzes” in the Settings (click on the gear wheel icon to open the Settings) and just let the fun start. You can add value to the answers and choose what can respondents see after the submission.

Settings of the Quizzes option.

How to get the form online?

Now you know how Google forms work. “How can I share the form online”, do you wonder? There are several options. You can send the form via email. Just hit the “Send” button and fill in the email addresses you need. If you wish, add a message for the readers.

Secondly, you can share a link to the form. Every document, form, sheet and presentation created on Google Drive has a link you can use for sharing. Before you share, decide what rights each user gets (reading only, commenting, or editing). And if you’re dealing with sensitive health information, it’s worth looking into HIPAA compliant online forms to ensure privacy and security.

Thirdly, and most importantly, add the form directly to your website. It is easy and fast. You will have it finished in just two clicks. Just hit the “Send” button, choose the third option – angle brackets “<>” and you see the “Embed code” option. There you go! Copy the link, insert it to your website and your form is online. If you are not sure how to add the HTML code to your website, there is a guide in our Knowledgebase .

Sharing the form is easy and intuitive.

Have you encountered a situation when a form came in handy? Which solution worked the best for you? Webnode, Google or other services like CrowdSignal or Wofoo? Share your tips in the comments!