How do I use AI to create my website?

February 24th, 2023
AI robot arms placing elements of a web page

Ways to use AI-driven tools to improve any website

No matter which platform you use to create your website, or if you program it yourself from scratch, artificial intelligence can assist you in writing text, enhancing your images, driving more traffic to your site and even giving you tips on how code it properly. Find out more about the advantages of using AI for your website.

Speed up your website creation

There are several AI-driven tools that make it easier and faster to create your website.

Selecting the right template

Upon registration, the website builder or CMS would ask you about the purpose of your site and also, question you about your style and colour preferences to find the best fitting template suggestions for you. This way you no longer need to scroll through an overwhelming selection of themes. They are already customized for you.

Imagine further, the builder would be able to already include some generic text fitting to your topic, which you then only need to tweak. When it comes to written content, there are dozens of writing programmes you can use to tell your stories.


  • Wordtune is an automated writing programme that lets you optimize your text to make it funnier and add explanations or historical facts. You will find more AI content generators here

  • Twixify is good for ‘humanizing’ outputs from Jasper or any other AI writing tool

  • Use auto-complete and grammar check your text
Wordtune options

Wordtune lets you add “spices”, for example, make a joke to add something funnier to the first sentence

Content generator tools are all useful for those who are stuck and need an extra push for ideas, or those who are curious and like to play with the options.

However, a serious website about your project or business is something you need to go through personally by hand. Otherwise, how can you be authentic? You can read more about why it is a bad idea to fully rely on AI to create your website below.

Optimize your website

Website builders all let you fill out the information to optimize your website content for search engines. Good, but which keywords should you implement in your text? SEOclarity will help you with that.

Monkeylearn and Writesonic are keyword extraction tools. They analyse your written text by extracting existing keywords. Classifying keywords will make you able to identify their role and the potential need to change them so that you can reach your relevant audience better. Ultimately, this will bring more traffic to your site.

Keyword extractor with Monkeylearn

Keyword extractor with Monkeylearn


Rewrite your text by implementing new keywords with Writesonic

In the future, AI based SEO tools will make all steps automatic, such as

  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • On page optimization
  • Traffic and ranking analysis

Image and video

Image enhancing or editing tools, like the Magic eraser or Picsart photo enhancer tool, and image creator tools can visually highlight your images.

Magic eraser example

Magic eraser example

We all know about speech-to-text, but what about text-to-video? Videos are the communication channel everyone is following. Video-generating tools, like Lumen 5 create videos from any text. For example, it segments the text from an URL into slides which then can be edited and voiced over. Similarly, Fliki’s text to video AI automates the video production process, exemplifying how you can transform a simple blog post into a dynamic video with quick customization and voice-over integration.

blog article turned into a video with the Lumen

A Webnode article about creating website turned into a video with Lumen

As mentioned in our previous AI advantages article, copyrights on AI are debated. It is just a matter of time before AI content will have to be published as AI-source or more likely the other way around as a piece that is 100% original human. 😉

Understand your visitors and customers better through your website

  • Heat maps like Smartlook record where visitors click on your site. It will teach you how to structure your website better and where to place call-to-actions buttons.

  • Glassbox provides tools to enhance your customers’ experience by understanding their journey (from landing on your page to signing up for your newsletter, paying for your service or just contacting you).

  • Chatboxes and generative AI chatbot answer questions quicker and thus lead to more customer satisfaction.

  • Clarifai offers many solutions for all kinds of industries. For example, if you have an e-commerce store it will autogenerate product recommendations for your potential customers to increase your sales.

What to be careful of

You still need to write your website content. Google does not penalize articles that are written with AI, but it filters all content through its algorithms to optimize search results.

Consider 100% AI generated text like fake news.

Google’s purpose is to help people find answers. Creating reliable, helpful first-people content is the best practice one can follow. Algorithms will identify your content as SPAM if it is AI-generated. Consequently, your site will be taken off all search results.


BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a Google Algorithm introduced in 2019 that understands how words differently combined in a sentence have different meanings to optimise search results. So does the 1000 times more powerful MUM (Multitask Unified Model) algorithm understanding 75 languages and combining images with text to achieve results. In other words, MUM is trained to look for high-quality content that is relevant and reliable.

The deduplication system only shows the most relevant results amongst millions of similar-looking websites and thus similar written content.

The helpful content system ensures web content is written by people for people. It defines if people are satisfied with a website or search results pages. Even though this encompasses several aspects like page performance and accessibility, it tests the context and meaning too. Follow the advice given here, to keep your human voice.

Keyword stuffing is also writing repetitive sentences and words. AI generates text without surprises, which follows a pattern that algorithms recognize.

AI vs. human

In addition to Google’s efforts, originality AI sees if the text is generated by AI. Open AI itself created a tool to distinguish human vs ai written text. We made a self-test with the very poem about Webnode that was generated by Open AI Playground.

Open AI Playground generated poem

Open AI Playground generated Webnode poem checked for its source

It would have been ironic if OpenAI would have not recognised its own text. 😊

It’s no doubt AI is helping us to create and optimize our website content and online presence. And we should take it as exactly that, a help, not a substitute.

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