Website monetization

8 proven ways to monetize your website

Are you already running your excellent website or blog? After putting so much time and effort into it, are you now looking for ideas for monetizing it? In other words, are you wondering how website owners and bloggers make money online?

10 Types of Pop Up Campaigns to Increase Your Subscribers and Revenue

10 types of pop up campaigns to increase your subscribers and revenue

Though most users complain about pop ups on a website, they have been proven as an effective method of optimizing sites and online stores to create more conversions. However, you may not realize just how many pop ups there are out there. Each one serves a specific purpose, so one popup might not work for each campaign you create.

video marketing

Video Marketing: The Marketer’s Guide

Video marketing has undoubtedly become the new marketing strategy of today. Though it is not a new concept, the only thing that has changed is its significance. More and more brands are using video marketing strategies through various channels and platforms to promote themselves.