What is (good) web design

What is (good) web design?

The look of websites has evolved over the last 30 years. Do you remember the late 90s and early millennial homepages? Gone are those times when you had to dial into the internet to get a connection to read the news or log into Myspace. Boxy styles, garish colors, limited fonts along with no clear positioning of text made these early sites resemble collages of Word documents and photos stuck to a pinboard.

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How to design a website homepage

Your homepage is like a window display. It’s perfect for catching the attention of your potential customers who came across your website. Read our tips on how to design a wonderful homepage that makes passers-by look inside and search for more.

Sticky and Breeze: New template concepts for the Webnode Community

Everyday there are more people getting online, more businesses, more visitors and we have to become more creative. This encourages us to keep creating unique designs as well as new functional features. So in order to help you grow, we have launched Sticky and Breeze, 2 template sets like you´ve never seen before.

Our Templates. Your Ideas.

Do you think that predefined templates need to decide how your website will look like in the end? We will convince you the opposite. Read to see how you can spice up your site.