Everything you need to know if you want to register a domain or get a hosting service

How to register a domain name and get web hosting

Creating a website has turned into a fun, DIY process that anyone regardless of their skill level can handle from the comfort of their home. All you need is a computer, internet connection, a few minutes of your time and you can become a website owner. There is just one technical aspect of website building that still remains confusing for many website creators – domain names and website hosting.

News in Webnode: Domains NO, RU and SE

Recently, our users in Russia, Sweden and Norway have got several new benefits. If your company or project are also represented in these countries, do not miss our update.

Choose Your Ideal Website Address

Choosing an effective web address is one of the major keys to the success of your website. What rules should be followed when choosing the perfect web address? Read on for tips on how to create an attractive, concise, and memorable address for your website!