How to Create a Backup of Your Website

1. In the project detail select Administration and Backup and Recovery.

Backup and recovery

2. The second option for creating a backup is through the editor. First, click on Settings.

Click on Settings

3. In the Backup and Recovery tab, click MANAGE BACKUPS.

Manage backups

4. Select Create new backup.

Create new backup

5. Enter the name and click the button Create backup.

Create Backup

6. The backup of your website is now saved and available for recovery.

Available for recovery

7. You can also delete the backup. Just mark it and confirm with the Delete button.

Delete backup

TIP: For peace of mind, create a backup before making large scale changes to your website. You can always restore the backup if you are not satisfied with your changes.

TIP: You can also use the automatic backup feature.

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