How does automatic backup work

In this guide, you will learn how to purchase automatic backup of website content on your Webnode project, as well as how this function works.

Purchase a feature
The automatic backup feature can be purchased with all premium service packages (from Limited to Profi). It is not available in the free user mode.
You can select a function directly within the order form by checking the appropriate field.

Choose automatic backup

Automatic backup can be purchased:
1. When buying a new package
2. When manually renewing / extending a package
3. When upgrading to a higher package (if the service is not already purchased)

The price of the additional service depends on the type of Premium Package you chose. Note that you have the option to change your selected Premium Service afterwards. You will see the final price displayed during the checkout process, before the placement of your order and payment. 

The different price for individual packages is given by the expected larger size of the project and the total deposit.

If you are interested in canceling this paid service, please contact our customer support, we will be glad to help you with changes in prepaid products and a possible refund.

Function rules
Automatic backups are created daily at 05:00 (with regard to the project time zone), but only 3 automatic backups are stored at any time:
During the 1st week, deposits from the last 3 days are stored.
During the 2nd week from the last 2 days and the last Sunday.
From the 3rd week we will keep the deposit from the morning of the given day and the last 2 Sundays.
The automatic backup is therefore available from the morning of each day and can be recovered from a maximum of 3 weeks in the past.
The storage required for backups is not included in the storage available for the current package, so automatic backups do not take up space on your project. This then does not apply to manual backups.
When two identical backups are created (no changes were made to the project and the same site content was backed up), a duplicate backup is created that does not require additional space on the server. If such a duplicate backup is deleted, no more server space will be added.
As part of automatic backups the complete content of the project is stored, including user data, such as orders in the e-shop or information about registered users. However, the contents of mailboxes (e-mails) are not backed up.

Restoring pages from a backup
A project can be restored from a backup in the Backup and recovery section, where they are together with manually created backups (which are available in the standard package).

1. In the project detail, click on Administration and then on Backup and recovery.

Backup and recovery

2. Click Restore for the selected backup.


3. Confirm with the Restore backup button.

Restore backup

4. You have successfully restored the backup.

Successful restoration

5. In the Backup and recovery section, you can also pause the creation by clicking the Pause button.

Pause automatic backup

TIP: In addition to automatic backups, it is also possible to perform a manual backup, which is available with the Standard or Profi package.

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