Set shipping price by product weight

In this manual you will find information on setting the shipping price according to the weight of the product. This function is used in situations where the selected transport company charges a different price for shipments of different weights. The settings are made for each transport method (post, courier service) separately.

The price is automatically recalculated for the e-shop customer based on the weight of the selected products. The total weight of the products is then added up – for example, you set the shipping price at £ 20 for goods over 2 kilograms; the customer orders products of 1.5 kilograms and 0.6 kilograms, and the system itself calculates the shipping price to £ 20.

Set the default size and weight
The ideal first step is to set the default size and weight. This data is automatically set for all products that do not have their own data set.

1. In the project detail, click on Store settings and then on Bulk product settings.

2. Here you can set the default weight and dimensions. Default units you can choose in the Basic Settings.

3. Don't forget to confirm the change with the Save button – this is done for both aspects separately.

Setting the size and weight for a specific product
1. For a specific product, set the dimensions or weight by selecting the Stock tab within the product card and setting the required data in the Shipping section. 

2. Be sure to confirm the product changes with the Save button.

Setting the price of transport according to the size of the products
1. The last step is to set the price for the given weight or dimensions. To do this, click Shipping methods in the project detail.

2. Here you can add a new shipping method or edit an existing one.

3. In the transport method detail, check the box Ship by weight and then edit or add the price and weight range. In general, you can also edit the type of transport, add a tracking URL etc.

4. Be sure to confirm the change with the Save button.

5. If you want to remove the price according to the weight from the selected transport method, uncheck the box Ship by weight.

TIP: Setting the price according to the weight of the product can also be added for individual methods within the selected delivery countries. Changing the price according to the country of delivery is a premium feature available through the Profi package. Specific instructions for this feature can be found here.

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