Set shipping price by country of delivery

Different transport methods and transport prices can be set for different continents or countries of the world. This function is used in situations where the price of transport is different for different countries. The price is then automatically recalculated for the e-shop customer based on the address he selects for delivery. Setting the price according to the country of delivery is a premium feature available through the Profi package.

The default setting for all countries is the Other countries option, here you set the modes of transport and related prices for those countries or continents that you have not directly entered individually.

For example – if you have a price of £ 20 for Other Countries and £ 10 for Czechia and the customer chooses Germany, the price will be £ 20.

1. In the project detail, click on Store settings and then on Shipping methods.

2. Click Add New Area button to create shipping methods for a specific country.

3. Select a continent or a specific country. You can also use the search option to speed things up. Click Select Area to confirm your country.

4. You can now add and set specific transport methods within the country.

5. For the selected transport method, you can then set the name, VAT within the given country, enter the URL for tracking the shipment and also set the price for different product weights.

TIP: Complete help for setting the shipping price according to the weight of the product can be found here.

6. If you want to delete the country specific settings, click More for that country and select Delete Area.

7. Alternatively, you can do the same for the individual transport methods. Here you can also just click on More and Delete method.

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