How to change your billing information

In this guide, you will learn how to change the billing information used for your Webnode services.

Billing information must be given with a new order, either for a domain or for Premium services. If you have automatic renewal active for an existing service, you will first need to turn it off and then create a new order with the correct billing information. You can find more information about subscriptions in the article Information About Automatic Renewals.

With a new order, just select "Company billing" and fill in the information.

Invoicing data will be saved in our system when paying by card and will be used for the same order for the following renewal period.

If you need to change the billing info for an existing invoice, this can be done up to 10 days from the date of issuance. To do so, please contact customer support.

TIP: You can find the invoice for a paid order in your project administration. You can find more information in the article How to download an invoice.

TIP: You can find more information about VAT accounting in the article Information on VAT Payments when Purchasing Webnode Premium Services

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