Information About Automatic Renewals

In this guide, you will learn what Automatic Renewal is, how it works, and how to turn it off, if necessary. 

Automatic Renewal is a feature that will renew your premium services or domain in time for the following period and keep your website active. When paying by credit card, auto-renewal is activated for the order. This means that, for the following period (depending on the length of the service purchase) the payment will be deducted from your card and the service will be automatically extended

Automatic Renewal keeps your Premium Plan from expiring, which prevents an unwanted change in your website design, because of the switch to the free version. And auto-renewal keeps your domain from expiring, which can prevent the loss of your domain from being registered by someone else. 

If you wish to change the renewal payment card number (for example, in case of card expiration or number change), or completely change the payment method for Webnode premium services, you will need to turn off the current renewal and then place the order again. 

The same procedure must be followed if you wish to change the billing information on a new order. If you use a new payment card, the renewal will be set to the newly used card. For payments via bank transfer, auto-renewal is not active. You can find more information about changing billing data directly in the article How to change your billing information.

When you make your first payment by credit card or PayPal, your data will be automatically saved to renew the services for the next period. 

1. Automatic renewal can be managed in the project details by clicking on the Administration tab and then on Purchased services and billing

2. The second option is to click on Settings directly in the editor. 

3. In the General tab, click on Purchased services and billing

4. You can activate or deactivate automatic renewal in your website administration. After turning it off, you can extend the services manually according to the instructions How to renew or upgrade your premium package and How to renew your domain.

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