How to Add Blog Categories

You are able to create different categories in your blog and organize the articles according to subject. You can add a new category by creating a new blog page. You can then reorder categories (new pages) by dragging the page up or down in the list of pages.

The result will look similar to this:

Categories in blog

1. In the list of articles, it is possible to select categories to display. Click on the list of articles and select Layout.


2. Click Recent blog posts and select the category you want to view on the page.

Show posts

3. Individual articles can also be moved between categories. Click on the Blog posts at the top right or directly on the created blog, where you select the Manage posts option.

Manage posts

4. Select the article to move from the menu and click Move.

Move posts

5. Select a category from the list and confirm by clicking Move.

Choose category

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