Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Webnode!

Webnode is a web-based service/product, which is the property of and is supported by “Webnode AG”, a company based in Badenerstrasse 47, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland.

The present Terms and Conditions regulate the Use of all Webnode’s products and services, including the “webnode.com” website and its content. It contains several documents such as Webnode’s Terms of Service (TOS), Domain Names Policies, Privacy Policy, Data Processing Contract and Automatic Backup Policies.



The Webnode website, its contents, products and services are available to all individuals of legal age, who are legally capable of entering into contracts (binding agreements). Proof of compliance to these criteria may be requested upon access to all (or some) services and/or products, in the form of identification details or contact information.

These Terms of Service are established between Us (Webnode AG) and Users. No other person is entitled to benefit from them.

If any court or regulator decides that any provision of these Terms of Service is invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be severed and deleted from these TOS and the remaining terms and conditions shall continue to have full force and effect.

If TOS are inconsistent with the terms and conditions presented on Your registration with Webnode (if applicable) these TOS shall prevail unless otherwise specified in additional documentation supplied by Webnode’s Customer Care department.

1. Definitions

Wherever found in the Terms and Conditions, ”You”, “Yourself” and “User” refers to you, the user of the Webnode website, its contents, products and services, and “Your” shall be interpreted accordingly. Moreover, “We”, “Us” and “Webnode” refer to Webnode AG and “Our” and “Webnode’s” shall be interpreted accordingly. “User Information” refers to the personal details that may be collected by Us on our website Webnode.com and/or in the course of the registration and/or acquisition of any of the Webnode’s services or products. “Our Website” refers to the website “webnode.com” and all webpages associated with it. However, “Webnode Site” refers to Websites of Our Users, created using the Webnode system. “Third Party” refers to any person/entity/company that is not associated with Webnode AG. “TOS” refers to these Terms of Service.

In regard to existing legislation, a distinction is made between a User, who is a Consumer, that is someone who upon entering into contract with us does not act within the scope of his commercial or other entrepreneurial activity or outside of the scope of his own profession, and a User, who is an Entrepreneur.

2. Available Services

2.1 Free Version

Webnode’s basic tool for creating and hosting websites is absolutely free of charge to each and all Users. The characteristics of Our free versions are specific to the type of the website in question. The free version is limited predominantly in terms of the storage space, monthly bandwidth allowance, the number of available email addresses and other limitations. For an accurate and up-to-date description of our services, please visit Our Pricelist page.

2.2 Premium Services

In order to use one of the advanced functions (e.g., increased storage space, own domain or unique design) you can acquire one or more of Our Premium services. Currently, these include the features mentioned above, but also Premium Customer Care, data backup and recovery, business statistics, customized footer, online advertising campaigns, and many more services already available or in process of being launched. For an accurate and up-to-date description of our services, please visit Our Pricelist.

3. Paid Services

3.1 Prices

All of the services have a set price which may be temporarily replaced with special/promotional prices. The overview of prices can be found in our Pricelist. The final price is always displayed to the User during the shopping process before the placement of the order and payment. We do not charge for any costs connected to the delivery of the service or a product. When the customer selects the “Company billing” in the checkout, he/she agrees that if the obligation to report and pay tax arises, the customer will fulfill the obligation in the country of registration of the company for which the service is purchased.

3.2 Acquisition of Premium Services

All of Our Premium services are available for order in the Administration of Your project. For further information or to purchase one of Our Premium services, You can contact Our Customer Care department.

4. Domain Name (a Paid Service)

4.1 Domain Name Registration and Ownership

The person or entity that acquires the domain is the lawful owner of it. Webnode intervenes solely as a Technical Administrator and interface (agent) between You and the organization that allocates the domain name.

If You (the owner of the domain) decide not to renew the domain, Webnode is not responsible for any problems or issues that may occur as a result of or after the expiration of the domain. If you fail to provide payment in time for the domain renewal, the domain may be irretrievably lost and Webnode cannot be held responsible. Every domain is by default locked for transfer. It can be unlocked at the request of the owner. You can find the current list of available domains in the Domain pricelist.

General information on gTLDs (generic top-level domains – e.g. com, net, org) can be found here: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/educational-2012-02-25-en

More information on rights and responsibilities of gTLD owner can be found here: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/benefits-2013-09-16-en

4.2 Domain Renewal

The domain may be renewed from the date of the purchase until the day prior to the expiration date stated in the administration of the project. Domain Renewal is considered paid when the Payment date precedes the expiration date. The payment date is set when the chosen payment entity (i.e., payment method provider) confirms the successful arrival of the payment. If Domain Renewal is not paid on time, the domain falls into the Quarantine. It is possible to redeem the domain from the quarantine, but an administrative fee will be charged. The overview of administrative fees can be found in Our Domain Names Policies.

Prior to expiration, Webnode will notify the registered name holder of the expiration at least twice. The first time approximately three months prior to expiration and a final time approximately one week prior to expiration. Webnode will also send an expiration notification within 24 hours after the expiration date of the domain.

4.3 Cancellation of Registration and Contract Withdrawal

If you are a User, you have a right to withdraw from the contract within a period stated in section 6.5 of these TOS. You hereby grant us explicit consent to fulfill the service before the end of the cooling-off period. Should we fulfill the main subject-matter of the contract before the end of the cooling-off period, you do not have a right to withdraw from the contract.

4.4 Private Domain Registration

You can register a domain name and still maintain Your privacy/anonymity to avoid receiving SPAM (unsolicited electronic messages) or being found in online databases. During the registration process, You are required to disclose Your contact information, but they will only be used for charging purposes (e.g., to create an invoice). In case of the Private Domain Registration, your personal information will not be disclosed and shall be replaced with the contact details of the company Anonymouse Domains, s.r.o., or other third parties. The service of private domain registration is provided by and is in compliance with the Conditions of Use of Anonymouse Domains, s.r.o., Registration Number: 28296800, based at Hlinky 995/70, Staré Brno, 603 00 Brno, or other third parties. The Private Domain Registration Conditions of the Use are listed here: https://www.anonymousedomains.com/service-agreement/

5. Contract and Contract Revocation

5.1 Contract

A purchase of a product or service can be completed via an electronic order. Placement of the offered product or service on Our website is considered to be the proposal for contract conclusion. A binding contract is initiated between You and Webnode when You order a service and the payment is successfully completed. The payment is considered as “Successfully completed” when the full amount was paid and an invoice is available after the login into the Administration of Your Webnode account in the right Menu under the section “My invoices”. The withdrawal from the contract is subject to specific set of criteria and conditions (please refer to section 6.5)

5.2 Contract Revocation

Contract revocation is possible even after the expiration of the cooling-off period provided that You do not request a refund of the costs. Requests for the cancelation or alteration of purchased services (that is any request that would have an impact on the functions of Your project) has to be submitted by You (the owner of the project) in written form (by email) and from the email address used to register the project.

5.3 Duration of the Contract

The contracts for the purchase of Premium plans are concluded for a period of minimum 1 year and up to 10 years. Domains have a minimum contract period of 1 or 2 years (depending on the provider’s conditions) with a maximum period of 10 years of the contract. For the remaining services, unless it is otherwise stated upon purchase, the contract is concluded once the service is provided. For an accurate and up-to-date description of our services, please visit Our Pricelist page.

5.4 Correction of Order Data

If you enter incorrect data during the creation of the electronic order, immediately inform Our Customer Care department. Please note that the data may be changed only within the period of two hours from the creation of the order. Any requests submitted after this period might not be processed successfully.

5.5 User’s Consent to the Use of Communication at a Distance

You hereby grant us Your consent for using the means of distance communication during the conclusion of the contract. Expenses incurred to the User by using the means of distance communication (such as the cost of the internet connection, telephone costs) are covered by the User.

6. Payments/Fees and Refunds

6.1 Methods of Payment

Premium services can be paid by Credit Card, PayPal, wire transfer, and other country-specific payment methods offered to the User during the ordering process and before the completion of the order.

In the case of wire transfers, all the necessary information is available after the confirmation of the order. Please note that the surcharges and fees resulting from the wire transfer are supported by You, the customer, not by Webnode.

Note: You are responsible for entering correct information on the payment request. Please, make sure that all fields are filled out and that all data supplied is accurate. Webnode is not responsible for requests rejected due to wrong or insufficient User information. Particular attention needs to be paid to the correctly entered Reference number.

6.2 Payment processing

If You use Your credit card or PayPal to make a purchase, you authorize Webnode (either directly or through its affiliates, subsidiaries or other third parties) to collect the payment from Your card or account. We will store Your payment information during the checkout process for future use, making the automatic renewal and purchase of other services faster and more convenient. All payment processing is secure and PCI-compliant.

6.3 Recurrent Payment (Automatic Renewal)

If You use Your credit card or Paypal to make a purchase, the ordered service may be automatically renewed. The frequency of renewal can be monthly or yearly, depending on the type of payment You selected. For yearly renewals, the amount is charged prior to the expiration date of the package. You will be notified about the automatic renewal and subsequent payment in advance, within a period prescribed by law.

The automatic renewal can be canceled at any time in the “Administration” of Your project. Until you cancel automatic renewals, You authorize Webnode or provider of the payment method you have selected when ordering the services to withdraw payment for services from your card or account.

6.4 Payment Date and Activation Date

The payment date is set upon confirmation of successful reception of the amount in question by the selected provider of the payment method (i.e., a bank). Regarding payments made with Credit Card or through PayPal, the amount is deducted immediately from Your account. Payment date and activation date are therefore the same unless the processing of the fully paid order has to be done manually. In this case, the activation may be delayed for several days.

6.5 Contract Withdrawal, Requests for Refund

You have a right to withdraw from the contract within a period of 15 days from the date of the activation. Withdrawal from the contract is not possible in case of automatic renewal of service.

You hereby grant us an explicit consent to fulfill the subject of this contract before the end of the cooling-off period in case of domain registration, domain renewal and other Premium services. Should we fulfill the main subject-matter of the contract before the end of the cooling-off period, you do not have a right to withdraw from the contract.

In case You received a voucher for a free domain with the purchased Premium package and You request the refund in accordance with these TOS after your domain has been registered, the amount refunded will be equivalent to the price of the package with the value of the domain deducted.

If - in case of online advertising campaigns - a third party (Google) decides to block the created campaign due to questionable product/service the campaign offers, it is not possible to request a refund. In such case, Webnode is not responsible for the potential financial loss of the User.

To request the withdrawal from the contract (contract revocation), You must send an email to Our Customer Care department within the cooling-off period (please refer to Article 5). Model withdrawal form is available here.

No justification is necessary for the cancellation of Premium plans within the 15-day period; yet, it is encouraged and highly appreciated as We use the feedback to improve our services.

In case of other Premium services, except for website plans and domain registrations, you may ask for the contract withdrawal and the refund within a period of 15 days from the date of activation even if we, with your consent, fullfiled the subject of this contract before the end of the cooling-off period. You must provide a reason for the cancellation. For all cases mentioned above, the reasons that may trigger a refund are:

  • (a) Full termination of all services (including free versions);
  • (b) Repeated technical issue with the service, that impairs the normal function of Your project;
  • (c) Failure to provide service that was paid in full (with confirmation of payment).

Note: Webnode reserves the right to review the reasons for cancellation You stated and to decide upon acceptance or denial of Your request.

6.6 Date and Method of Refund

If you are a User, payment refunds will take place within 14 days from the date when Webnode received Your request for the withdrawal from the contract. If you are an Entrepreneur, payment refund will take place within 60 days from the date when Webnode received Your request for the withdrawal from the contract.

If you are a Consumer, the refund will be processed through the same payment method unless decided otherwise. Entrepreneurs will have refunds processed through wire transfer, the same payment method used for the payment (if the refund is allowed) or by a non-refundable reimbursement voucher. The deactivation of the service is performed at the same time as the refund.

Please note that vouchers (discount codes) can’t be refunded under no circumstances.

7. Acceptable Usage

“Acceptable Usage” of Webnode’s website, its contents, products and services is defined in Paragraphs 7.1 through 7.8. Activities that go against or are otherwise forbidden by these paragraphs are, therefore in violation of the TOS and make You liable to disciplinary action, legal prosecution and termination of service. For more information, please refer to section 10.

7.1 Content

As a Webnode User You undertake not to post nor distribute through the Webnode Site any materials that are of defamatory, threatening, obscene, harmful, pornographic or otherwise illegal nature. Also, materials that somehow violate or infringe, in any way, on Our rights or on the rights of others (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, confidentiality rights and privacy rights) are absolutely forbidden, as well as activities that may cause distress or inconvenience on Us or others. Moreover, You may not express opinions that are vulgar, crude, sexist, racist or otherwise offensive. We encourage Users to treat each other in a respectful and polite manner.

7.2 Ownership of Content

You will not post nor otherwise make available on Webnode Site any material which You do not own, without the express consent of the lawful owner of the material in question.

7.3 Participation in Events

You will abide by the rules of any competition, promotion or marketing campaign that You participate in on Our Website.

7.4 Interference

You will not engage in any behavior or action that may affect the operability or the security of Webnode Site nor will You cause unreasonable inconvenience nor disruption to Our staff.

7.5 Identity

You will not impersonate any person/entity, nor misrepresent Your affiliation with a person/entity.

7.6 SPAM

You will not promote Your Webnode Site by sending SPAM (i.e., emails sent to accounts without the previous agreement of the account owner). You will not use Our emails to send SPAM (i.e., emails sent to accounts without the previous agreement of the account owner).

7.7 Robot Software

You will not use robot software (nor any other software that is not Webnode) to create new Webnode Sites nor to access or modify Webnode Sites.

7.8 Workarounds

You will not use workarounds of any kind, to overcome package limitations or limitations of any Webnode service or feature.

8. Intellectual Property

All copyright materials, trademarks and other intellectual property right materials or contents supplied as part of Webnode Site shall remain, at all times, vested in Us or Our licensors. You are not permitted to use this material or content unless authorized by Us or Our licensors. Moreover, You are only allowed to use such material in the manner described in the Terms and Conditions, and no other. You will not copy, reproduce, distribute, commercially exploit nor in any form benefit/profit from such materials or contents, nor You will assist/facilitate any Third Party in actions such as the ones mentioned above.

Moreover, if You become aware of any such distribution or commercial exploitation, You agree to notify Us immediately.

9. Defective Performance, Complaint Information

We guarantee that Our products or services do not have defects. In particular, we guarantee that a) products or services have features as agreed on and if the agreement is missing, then features which were described or which are expected in regard to the nature of the product or service and based on our advertisement; b) the products or services are suitable for the purpose stated for their use or for which products or services of this type are usually used; c) the quality or design of the products or services corresponds with the approved sample or template, if the quality or design of the approved sample or template has been determined; d) the products or services are in adequate quantity, measure or weight and comply with legal requirements.

If the product or service does not have the features listed above and you are a Consumer, you may request:

  • (a) delivery of a new product or service free of defects, unless inadequate due to the nature of the defect and if the defect only affects a component, you may request the replacement of only the component;
  • (b) if not possible, you may withdraw from the contract.
  • (c) However, if it is inadequate solution due to the nature of the defect, particularly if the defect can be removed without undue delay, you have the right to receive a free repair of the defect.
  • (d) If you do not withdraw from the contract, do not exercise the right to obtain a new item free of defects or receive replacement or repair of the item, you may request a reasonable discount.
  • (e) You also have the right to receive a new product or service, or replacement of a component, even if you have a removable defect if you cannot use the product or service properly for the reason of recurring defects after repair or for the reason of multiple defects. In this case, you have the right to withdraw from the contract.

You are entitled to exercise the rights arising from the defective performance that occurs on consumer goods within 24 months from the receipt. If a defect occurs within 6 months from the receipt, the goods are deemed to have been defective upon receipt. If the rights of liability for defects are not exercised within the period allowing for the claims for defects, they become unenforceable.

If You are a Consumer, you are entitled to exercise the right of defective performance that occurs on the consumer goods within the period of 24 months after the receipt.; If a defect occurs within 6 months of receipt, the product/service is deemed to have been defective upon receipt. If the rights of liability for defects are not exercised within the period allowing for the claims for defects, they become unenforceable.

Complaints can be submitted electronically to the email address https://www.webnode.com/lv/data-processing-contract/ or in writing to the address Hlinky 70, 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic. If you are a Consumer, after filing a complaint we will issue a written confirmation of when you have exercised your rights, what is the content of the claim and what kind of resolution you require, as well as confirmation of the date and manner of settling the claim.

If you are a Consumer, we will decide on the complaint immediately, in complex cases within three business days. This period does not include the period of time required for the expert assessment of the defect adequate to the type of product or service. Complaints, including removal of defects, must be handled without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the date of claim, unless we agree on a longer period.

In the event of a complaint, you are required to cooperate. If you fail to provide the required documentation or assistance, we will not be able to assess the claim or decide on it. For the period of your delay in delivering the missing documentation, the period set for the decision and settlement of the claim according to the law does not run.

If you are an Entrepreneur, the rights and obligations related to defective performance are governed by applicable law.

10. Private Information and Privacy

You may be prompted to enter your personal information on various Webnode sites. Please see the Privacy Policy page for details on how we handle personal information.

If, through our products or services, you process personal information of individuals, whether as a controller or a personal data processor, you agree to comply with the rules set out in national legislation governing the processing of personal data and, if applicable, the Regulation of the European Parliament and (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

11. Violation of Our Terms

Failure to comply with the conditions stated on Article 7 and/or participation in activities that go against or are otherwise forbidden by these Terms of Service make You liable to disciplinary action and legal prosecution. The decision to initiate disciplinary action (including but not being limited to interruption of all services) falls under the discretion of Webnode and may be performed without enclosing the reasoning.

Please report infractions to the present Terms of Service, Our Terms and Conditions or to Your local laws. To inform us of any such activities, please click here.

12. Interruption/Termination of Services and Products

We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend indefinitely Our services to You, if You breach or We have reasonable grounds to believe that You are likely to breach Our Terms and Conditions. Also, We will terminate Our services to You, at Our sole discretion, if You engage in a conduct which We determine to be unacceptable. The decision to initiate disciplinary action (including but not being limited to interruption of all services) falls under the discretion of Webnode and may be performed without enclosing the reasoning.

13. Limitation of Liability




13.1 Third Parties

We do not endorse and shall not be held responsible nor liable for any content, advertising, product or service on or available through Third Party Websites.

Any transactions between You and any Third Party found on or via the Webnode Site, including payment for and delivery of products, services and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are made between You and the entity in question. Therefore, We are neither responsible nor liable for any loss/damage of any sort, incurred in such dealings.

13.2 Exclusion of Warranty

Webnode, its subsidiaries, and its licensors do not represent nor warrant to You that:

  • (a) Your use of the services and products will meet Your requirements;
  • (b) Your use of the services and products will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or free from error, or viruses;
  • (c) Any information obtained by You as a result of Your use of the services and products will be accurate or reliable;
  • (d) Defects in the operation or functionality of any software provided to You as part of the services will be corrected;

to the extent permitted by national legislation.

No advice or information, whether verbal or written, obtained by You from Webnode, through or from Our services shall create any warranty not expressly stated in the terms.

Webnode further expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions of any kind, whether expressed or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement, to the extent permitted by national legislation.

14. Limitation of Liability

Subject to overall provision in the Disclaimer (Article 13) above, YOU EXPRESSLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT WEBNODE, ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND ITS LICENSORS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR THE CONDITIONS STATED ON PARAGRAPHS 14.1 THROUGH 14.3 to the extent permitted by national legislation.

14.1 General

Webnode, its subsidiaries and its licensors shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special consequential or exemplary damages which may be incurred by You, however, caused and under any theory of liability. This shall include, but not be limited to, any loss of profit (whether incurred directly or indirectly), any loss of goodwill or business reputation, any loss of data suffered, cost of procurement of substitute goods or services, or other intangible loss.

Webnode, its subsidiaries and its licensors shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage which may be incurred by You, including but not limited to loss or damage as a result of:

  • (a) Any reliance placed by You on the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertising, or as a result of any relationship or transaction between You and any advertiser or sponsor whose advertising appears on the services;
  • (b) Any changes which Webnode may make to the services, or for any permanent or temporary cessation in the provision of the services (or any features within the services);
  • (c) Deletion of, corruption of, or failure to store, any content and other communications data maintained or transmitted by or through Your use of the services;
  • (d) Your failure to provide Webnode with accurate account information;
  • (e) Your failure to keep Your password or account details secure and confidential.

14.2 Jurisdiction

The limitations on Webnode’s liability to You stated in paragraph 14.1, shall apply whether or not Webnode has been advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of any such losses arising. Also, limitations which are lawful within Your jurisdiction will apply to You.

14.3 Information Provided on Webnode Sites

We are not responsible for nor will We be liable for:

  • (a) Materials written by Users, particularly those posted on blogs and/or forum. In addition, We do not endorse such materials and reserve the right to monitor such contributions, as well as, to respond, comment, edit, refuse to post, or remove any content from blogs and/or forum at Our absolute discretion. However, failure to remove particular material does not constitute an endorsement nor acceptance of it by Us;
  • (b) The accuracy, timing or reliability of any information/statement on Webnode Site, nor We will be held accountable/liable for statements, advice and/or opinions generated by Users on blogs and forum (except to the extent required by law). If You have any claim arising from the actions and/or statements of another User, You agree to pursue such a claim only against that User and not against Us;
  • (c) The quality, accuracy nor appropriateness of Webnode Site, except to what is required by law. However, We will engage in all reasonable efforts to provide Our services in the most professional manner;
  • (d) Any fraudulent misrepresentations We make and for any death or personal injury caused by Our negligence. We will not be responsible nor liable to You for any other loss/damage that You or any Third Party may be the subject of as a result of using nor in connection with Your use of Webnode Site.

15. Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

The User (consumer) has the right to an out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute. The appropriate subjects of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes or a consumer dispute in the area of electronic communications can be located here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.adr.show2&lng=EN

16. Process of Continuous Improvement

The quality of Our services and products is the main focus of Webnode attention; hence Our system is subject of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) both on the technological and design aspects of the product.

17. Feedback

As part of Our commitment to improvement, Webnode AG welcomes Your comments and suggestions to some or all of the conditions and policies stated on the present Terms and Conditions. In order to contribute with Your comment/suggestion, contact Our Customer Care department, or send an email to: https://www.webnode.com/lv/data-processing-contract/

18. Changes on Our Websites

Webnode reserves the right to change or remove any portion of the contents of our Website at any time without notice, or to discontinue our Website for an indefinite period of time.

19. Complaint Handling

Complaints are handled through the Webnode Customer Care Department.

20. Code of Conduct

Webnode is not bound by any code of conduct with respect to its Users.

21. Changes and Updates of TOS

Webnode AG reserves the right to, at any time, update the Terms and Conditions, at its discretion, to take into account legal, industry-related, or any other changes in the status quo. You will be notified of any changes in TOS by email to your email address at least 15 days in advance before the new version of TOS comes into effect. You have the right to refuse changes to the TOS by notifying Our Customer Care Department. The cancellation period is to be equal to the number of days remaining until the expiration of the service/product (no automatic renewal will occur). If you do not reject the changes in the TOS that have been duly announced, the relationship arising from the TOS shall be governed by the new version of the TOS, as notified to you. The most recent updated version of this agreement is available on the “webnode.com” website. We strongly encourage all Users to read this agreement fully and review it regularly. The documents are in effect upon the date of their last update.