How to use a discount voucher

A voucher can be for the purchase of a premium service package or a domain. Thanks to the coupon, you will get a premium package or a domain for a discounted price. The coupon works on the principle of inserting a discount code when completing the order. The discount will be deducted from the total amount for the selected premium service package or domain.

You will receive a discount coupon for domain registration for 1 year free of charge for the first purchase (on the project) of the Mini, Standard, Profi or Business package. You can also use this coupon to transfer the domain and prolong it. The coupon will be automatically sent to the owner's e-mail upon receipt of payment for the package.

Here's how to redeem a code coupon:

1. When purchasing a package of  premium services or domain (registration and transfer), in the last step you will get to the page Review you order, where you click on the box I have a voucher.


2. Add the coupon code here and confirm with Enter button. For example, the code format is "ABCD-EFGH".

3. The discount will be automatically deducted from your order. 

Confirm the payment with the Activate button.

If the coupon reports as invalid, it may have been entered in a previous unfinished order, or it may have expired. If in doubt, please contact our customer support for verification.

TIP: If you do not have any premium service package activated and you are about to purchase or transfer a domain, the system will redirect you to the page with the selection of any premium package. When purchasing a Mini, Standard, Profi or Business package, you will also be able to register or extend the transferred domain for 1 year free of charge. In this case, the domain coupon is not generated.

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