Private Domain Registration

If you would like to hide your personal data, such as your name or address from publicly accessible databases, you can activate private or anonymous domain registration. Otherwise, the information you are required to provide when registering a domain is available in public domain registers and anyone will be able to contact you.

You can purchase private registration during Domain Registration by checking the Protect my privacy check box. The cost of private registration is $9.95/year. This service is available only for selected domains.

If you decide to activate privacy registration, the company Anonymouse Domains s.r.o. (Ltd) will be listed as the domain owner in all public domain databases. By activating the private registration, you agree with the Conditions of Use of the Service of this Company.

Your personal data will be hidden and will not be passed to third parties. Please keep in mind that even if a domain registration is private, it is necessary to provide correct information. If the domain owner data is incorrect, the public domain registry reserves the right to delete the domain.

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