Mail Settings for MacOS

This guide describes how to set up your Webnode webmail on Mac. Before syncing an email account, you must first create an email account with Webnode's webmail system.

IMPORTANT: In order to correctly set up your webmail account, you have to know on which Webnode mailserver your email account is located. You can find this information in the email you received after setting up your Webnode webmail account. Open that email to see if your account is located on, or

The email looks as shown below:

You are now able to set up email on your Mac by following the directions below:

1. Run the mail client application on your Mac.

2. Once the application is loaded and if there is no other email account in use, you will be asked to select what kind of account you wish to set.

A) If you haven't already set up an email account, select the option Other Mail Account and click Continue.

B) If another email account is already set up, you will have to click the Mail section in toolbar after launching the mail client and then click Add Account. Then you can proceed to step A).

3. Enter the account name you want to be displayed, the email address you would like to add to the client, and the password. Then, click Sign In. The system will now detect settings automatically.

4. Please be aware that the automatic detection will most likely fail. You will have to add the settings manually as described below.

Email Address – Enter your webmail address.

User Name – Enter your webmail address.

Password – Enter the password for your webmail account.

Account Type - Select POP if it is not pre-selected.

Outgoing Mail Server and Incoming Mail Server – Enter, or

Click Sign In to confirm and proceed.

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