How to change a design of sections

In this guide, you will learn how to change the design of  sections. Some sections are pre-prepared in the editor so that don't have to build them manually from images or text. These are the sections titled ServicesTestimonialsPortfolioPricelist or Contact.

You can set a Style within the ServicesTestimonialsPortfolio and Contact sections. 

For ServicesTestimonials and Portfolio, you can also select the number of columns. 

You can also edit texts and change images. 

You can also easily insert a new part of sections using the plus button inside the section. 

TIP: You can set a different background in each section. 

TIP: Instructions for other sections, such as a photo gallery or contact formcan be found in the help here. 

TIP: You can move or copy entire sections according to  this   manual. 

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