How to Add an Image

The ideal image resolution for your website is 900x600px and JPEG file size should be around 250 KB. Please note that higher quality means more disk space which means higher load time. In order to maintain quick page loading and minimize impact on your bandwidth, we recommend to reduce the file size of your images.

1. Position your mouse in the section so that the plus button for adding new content appears.

2. Click on the plus button and choose the Image.

3. Add a new image from your computer or browse through the Image gallery.

4. Choose an image from the gallery or click +Upload image.

5. Clicking on the image will allow you to further edit or delete the image. You are also able to resize the image or move it anywhere within the section it was originally added to.

6. By clicking Edit, you are able to change the image or add a caption or link.

7. Publish the changes.

TIP: You can also check our video tutorial How to Resize and Position Images.

If you would like to add a larger amount of images, please use the Image Gallery.

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