I'm struggling with technical issues

In this guide, you can find solutions to the most common technical problems that can occur with a Webnode project. In general, automated control systems run in the background and report any non-standard conditions; so often everything is already being solved by our team and we recommend waiting a while.

Some situations can then often be identified by the displayed error message – if the below procedures do not solve the issue, log in and write to us using the contact form.

In general, we recommend editing the site in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

List of content

1. Frontend (website from the outside)

2. Backend (administration and editor)

3. Email Services


1. Frontend (website from the outside)

1.1 This website is not available

This format of this message depends on the browser you are using, but its meaning should be very similar ("This site can’t be reached" is used in Google Chrome). There may be several different reasons for the unavailability of a site. In general, we recommend that you check your internet connection or try to check it later.

1.2 Feel lost?


A 404 message can appear in several situations. This happens, for example, when you move a domain from one project to another, but the DNS records still point to the original project – in this case, you typically need to wait 24 hours after moving the domain.

Another option may be the expiration or absence of a premium package for projects with your own domain (using your own domain is a premium feature). In this case, please check the validity of the package in the administration of the site and, if necessary, extend it.

A relatively common reason can also be entering the address in the wrong form, so check the form of the address in the address bar of the browser.


1.3 Oops

“Ooops!!“ usually means a technical problem. In this regard, we recommend waiting a few hours – it is possible that here is a outage in our editor. Alternatively, of course, you can log in and write to us using the contact form.


1.4 Your connection is not private

The format of this message is dependant on your browser, but its meaning should be very similar ("Your connection is not private" is used in Google Chrome). The message indicates a problem with the security (SSL) certificate.

Whether you have a domain registered with Webnode or another technical administrator (and only assigned to Webnode via DNS records), log in and write to us using the contact form.


1.5 The Website has been suspended

The reason for blocking may be a breach of our terms and conditions, very long inactivity of the project owner, a request from the project owner or a certain setting of your own domain. In this situation, please contact our customer support directly after logging in to the project administration via the contact form.


2. Backend (administration and editor)

Non-functional administration or editor functions can be caused by partial updating of the system - in this case we recommend waiting a few minutes and trying to edit later. If the editor still does not respond after that, you can try the following procedures:

2.1 Administration runs in a loop

If you click Edit site in the project detail and you are returned to the My Projects page, or the editor behaves in a similar way, we recommend clearing your browser's cache – you can find more information in the article here.

2.2 The function does not work as it should

When one of the editor's functions does not work as it should, we recommend checking everything according to the instructions in our knowledgebase. It is also good to check whether you have the necessary premium package active for the given function, you can check it in the price list for regular websites here or in the price list for e-shops here.

Complications can also be caused by a full browser cache. You can try to erase it, it is also possible to correct the status by publishing the project, or by refreshing the page via the key combination Ctrl + F5 (before refreshing the page, please copy larger unpublished texts, they could disappear after refreshing).

If the function shows signs of incorrect behavior, you can log in and contact us using the form, we will be happy to check everything with the help of our technical team.

2.3 Error message

If you see one of the above error messages within the editor, there may have been a short-term outage of our editor's availability. Control systems run in the background to monitor outages and, if they happen, the situation is resolved immediately.

So if you don't need to edit the page right away, we recommend waiting a few hours or logging in to Webnode and contacting our support team.


3. Email Services

3.1 New incoming messages are not in the e-mail box

If you do not see any incoming mail in your e-mail box on the Webnode portal and you know that it is being sent to you, we recommend that you check that forwarding to another address is not set up in such a way that all mail is redirected there. If you want the mail to be sent to the mailbox at Webnode, just add it to the forwarding addresses – more information here.

If you use an external mail client (for example, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail for Mac, etc.) or the account is connected to Gmail, we recommend verifying that the DNS records in your domain have not changed. Also, please make sure that the client is set to leave a copy of the message on the server.

3.2 The set forwarding does not work

You can find general instructions for forwarding in this article. If forwarding doesn't work properly, first make sure that forwarding has been confirmed by the mailbox owner – we generally recommend deleting forwarding and then resetting.

If, after clicking on the link in the confirmation e-mail, an error message appears stating that the forwarding settings failed, it is advisable to delete cookies in the browser.

Attention: If you are testing forwarding, make sure that you do not send the e-mail from the address to which the messages are to be forwarded. Some email clients or Gmail, for example, may then skip such a message in the inbox.

3.3 The e-mail account cannot be set up in the e-mail client

First and foremost, it's a good idea to make sure you're entering the correct password. You can change the password via the owner's or administrator's project account according to the instructions here.

Also, make sure that you have entered the account settings correctly (server name, port, username, SSL / TLS). You can find information for specific clients in this article.

If you have everything set up correctly, please take screenshots of both the error message and the settings entered. You can send these images to our support team.


It is also advisable to include as much information as possible about the current state (how long it takes, whether you have made a change etc.).

3.4 Outgoing messages are returned

There can be several reasons for returned messages – in most cases, the specific reason is stated in the returned message (non-delivery report).

Therefore, we recommend that you review the message that was returned and review the non-delivery information along with the specific error message and error code. Common mistakes include:

550 5.1.1 User unknown / User does not exist. The recipient's email account is either inactive or the address may contain a typo. Please check that the address is correct or contact the recipient for verification in a different way.

550 5.7.1 Recipient address rejected. Delivery may be prevented by incorrect mail client or domain settings. In this case, please send pictures of the exact error message and your settings in the mail client directly to our customer support – we recommend doing this through the contact form after logging in.

550 5.7.1 Sender Policy Framework of "XYZ" domain denied your IP address. This message indicates a problem with the message you sent or forwarded. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a security protocol in which the domain owner determines which servers (IP addresses) from their domain can send e-mail. The recipient checks whether the message came from an authorized server. It also generates an error if the message came from a server that is not allowed to be sent and returns it to the sender. Please send the entire message with the given error message via the contact form (after logging in to Webnode) to our support for verification.

ATTENTION: The sender of returned messages (non-delivery reports) is usually the so-called MAILER-DAEMON (automatic part of the system for e-mail boxes). It is unnecessarily written off to the MAILER-DAEMON address, no one will reply to the message.


3.5 Messages sent by e-mail to Webnode are returned to the sender

The exact reason why the message was not delivered is given directly in the returned message, including the error code. Possible causes may include:

A. The sender's server or his e-mail address is maintained on one of the blacklists, which serves as protection against the spread of spam and malicious content. Correction in this case can be provided by the sender or the sender's e-mail service provider.

B. The message is rejected by a spam filter with the message "Blocked by SpamAssassin". The cause may be blacklisting of the sender and the sender's server, or insertion of suspicious links or attachments into the e-mail itself. Whitelisting is not directly possible, it is much more convenient for the sender to eliminate the cause of the problem.

You can send the returned message (non-delivery note) with an error message and possible attachments to our support team via the contact form after logging in, we will be happy to check everything.

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