How to Set up Shipping Methods

This article will show you how you are able to set up shipping methods for your online store using pre-existing methods in the editor or by adding your own.

1. In the project detail select Store Settings and Shipping methods.

Choose Shipping methods

2. The second option for set up shipping methods is through the editor. First, click on Settings.

Click Settings

3. Choose the Online store tab and click Set up next to Shipping methods.

Set Up

4. Your online store will come with a variety of pre-added shipping methods. You are able to use these shipping methods by clicking on the Edit method button.

Edit method

In this window you can edit your needs, such as the price of shipping, name, etc. To activate package tracking, you first have to set up your shipping methods and enter the URL with the package number that you will receive from the shipping company.

You can see more details in the article How to Set up Package Tracking. The process of setting up package tracking will be similar for all of your shipping partners.

Don't forget to save your changes by clicking Save.


5. You are able to add a new shipping method by clicking Add shipping method.

Add shipping method

6. Here you can select one of the preset methods or select Another shipping method.

New shipping method

7. Next, add the name and price that your customer will pay for this method and click Save.

Settings of the method

8. If you no longer need a shipping method offered, you can delete it by clicking Delete method.

Delete method

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