How to Set Up Email Forwarding

1. Log in to your account on the Webnode homepage. Once you are in the editor, click SETTINGS

Click Settings

2. In the Email Accounts tab, click MANAGE EMAILS.

Manage emails

3. The second way is to access directly in the project administration. Here click on Administration and then on Email Accounts.

Choose Emails Accounts


4. Choose  the email address you would like to have forwarded and click Edit.

Choose Email Accounts

5. In the Email forwarding field, enter the addresses you would like your emails to be forwarded to separated by a semicolon (;). With this setting, the messages are forwarded to the selected email addresses and the delivered emails do not remain in the original mailbox. If you enter the address of the original mailbox, the mail will remain in the mailbox. Click Save changes to confirm the forwarding.

Save changesIn order to activate email forwarding, you must verify your email address by clicking the confirmation link that will be sent to the destination email address.

TIP: To cancel email forwarding to a particular email address, delete the address from the Email Forwarding field. Click Save to accept the changes.

TIP: To view your emails, you can use your Webnode email account or you can configure an external mail client such as Outlook

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