How to renew or upgrade your Premium Package

This article will show you how to renew your purchased services (domain and premium package) and how to upgrade your premium package. The great thing about upgrading is that you only pay the remaining value. You can switch to a higher package of premium services at any time during the duration of the original last one. In the case of manual (early) renewal always before the expiration date, the duration of the service is not shortened - the number of years ordered is always added to the current validity.  

TIP: If you are unsure which plan to choose from, we recommend starting with the Mini package. However, if you are starting an e-shop, we recommend the Standard package to get your e-shop up and running. Here you can find the price list for classic sites, and here for the e-shop. Depending on the required needs, the premium service package can be upgraded at any time. 

1. If you want to renew or upgrade your premium package, you will need to log into Webnode with your own account. When you click on the project's thumbnail, you will see the project overview (see image below). 

To prolong your domain, click on Administration to open the domain details. 

To renew your premium package, click on Renew (if you have an active automatic subscription, the label is listed as Compare plans). 

ATTENTION: If your premium package or domain expires shortly, a red message like this one (see image) will be displayed. A single click on the message will lead you to the renewal purchase. 

2. The second option to renew or upgrade is to order Premium services directly in the editor by clicking on Settings

3. In the General tab, click UPGRADE YOUR PLAN

4. In both cases, option 1 or 2, you'll be led to a new window that opens the listed Premium Plans available to you (see image). Click Renew to prolong your package and choose UPGRADE if you want to switch to a higher plan. 

5. Choose the period and payment method or add an additional service (automatic backup). If you have a discount coupon, check the I have a voucher box and enter your coupon code. If you wish to fill in the billing information, select Company billing

When you upgrade, you will clearly see the crossed-out amount compared to the original price. The amount in bold is already after subtracting the next price (highlighted in the image below with a red rectangle. 

ATTENTION: If you are renewing services by credit card or PayPal, the renewal date (payment date) will be displayed in the administration. The actual expiry date is shown on the invoice. You can download your invoices in the project administration

ATTENTION: Note that prolonging or upgrading your Premium Plan will NOT renew your domain. These are two different services that need to be renewed separately. 

TIP: In the case of payment by credit card or PayPal, the subscription to services for the next period is automatic.  

TIP: If you are unable to make a payment by card, please contact your bank. It is possible that the payment was blocked for some reason. You can also try another payment method such as PayPal.  

TIP: Fill in the correct billing information. It will not be possible to change it later.  

TIP: If, on the other hand, you want to switch to a lower package of premium services, contact our customer support

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