How to purchase Premium Site Security

In this guide, you will learn how to purchase the Premium Site Security add-on service, which includes IP FiltersForm Protection and Malware Scanning.

The Premium Site Security service can only be used with a Premium Plan (from Limited to Business). You can buy it together with the plan, or separately - if you have already purchased a plan. 

Premium Site Security can be purchased: 

1. when purchasing a new Premium Plan 

2. when manually renewing/extending a plan 

3. when switching to a higher plan (if the service is not already purchased) 

4. separately (if you have already purchased a Premium Plan) 

The price of the additional service depends on the selected type of Premium Plan. The final price will be displayed during the order completion process and will be adjusted according to the expiration of the current plan. You may change your Premium Plan in the future

How to purchase: 

A. If you do not yet have a Premium Plan, proceed to purchase one. Select website security by ticking the appropriate box. 

B. If you have already purchased a Premium Plan and only want to add Premium Site Security, please follow the instructions below: 

1. In the project administration, click on Administration and then on Website Security

2. Here, click on Purchase website security

3. As part of the order, you can choose a standard payment method, use a voucher, enter invoicing data and optionally purchase the Automatic Backup service

TIP: If you are interested in canceling this paid service, please contact our customer support. We will be happy to help you with changes to prepaid products. 

ATTENTION: Purchasing additional services does not cancel the automatic subscription feature. Once a plan is renewed with an automatic subscription, the additional services will simultaneously auto-renew at full price. 

ATTENTION: If the validity date of the Premium Plan is shorter than 30 days, the Premium Plan itself will need to be extended together with the purchase of the additional service. In this case, you will only pay for the next subscription period of the Premium Plan plus the additional service. The remaining period (that is, less than 30 days) of the current Premium Plan will not be charged as part of the new service you are purchasing. 

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