How to Password Protect your Website

By using the Membership Registration feature you are able to password protect particular pages of your website or your whole website and make them accessible only to visitors who have registered on your site.

1) Enable the feature by clicking Restrict access to page.

2) Customize the Member Login and Membership Registration pages so that they meet your expectations.

3) Approve, reject or block access to whomever you would like on the Registered Members page in the editor.

 This feature is ideal for people who would like to keep their family photos only within the family, creating a members-only zone meant for your clients and business partners, limiting special blog posts only to registered users or keeping your portfolio away from prying eyes.

 Please note that you are able to have up to 100 registered users if you have a Standard Premium Plan on your website. With the Profi Premium Plan, you are able to have an unlimited amount of registered users.

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