How to set up Malware scanning

In this guide, you will learn how to use the Malware scanning function on your site for files uploaded by site visitors through contact forms. Please note, other files on the site are not scanned. This feature can be useful, for example, in situations where you suspect that one of the uploaded files might contain a malicious or damaged file. 

The anti-virus check feature is part of Premium Site Security add-on service, which also includes the IP Filters and Form Protection.

More information on purchasing this service can be found directly in the article How to purchase Premium Site Security

TIP: The option to add a field for users to upload files in forms is available from the Mini package, but if you purchase the Premium Site Security service (you will need at least the Limited package), you will be able to add this type of field to the form. 

In general, the antivirus check is active automatically after paying for the Premium Site Security service. 

1. To work with the antivirus check, in the project administration, click on Administration and then on Website Security

2. Next, click on the Malware scanning tab. Click Edit to enable or disable the function. 

3. Then select Active or Inactive. Confirm the change with the Save button. 

TIP: If you turn off the antivirus check for some time and then turn it on again, the system will automatically check the uploaded files in the forms and backwards. 

Within the Collected form data you can then see if the file has been tested. If so, and it's safe to download, you may see a "Safe to download" message. You can download with the button next to this message. 

If the antivirus detects a suspicious file, you will see the message “Warning! Virus detected”. The given file is also permanently deleted. 

TIP: If the system is currently scanning a file (it can happen for example with a large number of files after you currently turn on the anti-virus scan), the message "Malware scanning in progress..." will appear. 

When your antivirus check is turned off, the system will notify you with the phrase "Malware scanning inactive". 

ATTENTION: If you have not purchased the Premium Site Security service, the anti-virus check message is the same as when the feature is turned off

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