How to Log in to Your Email Account

To log in to the Webnode mailbox, you will use the new email address you have created for your domain and the corresponding password.

If you are logged into the editor under another email, log out first.

1. Click on the Login button on Webnode homepage.

2. Log in using the email address you set up for your Webnode domain, such as Do not use the login email address you use to edit the page to sign in to the email - these are two separate accounts.

3. On the My Projects page, click Email account in the upper right-hand corner.

4. You are now able to check your email.

5. If you would now like to edit your website, please log out of the email account and then log in again using the email address that you used to register with Webnode.

TIP: If you wish to have access to both the email inbox and the website editor, you can set up the new email address as an administrator for that website. The other option is to log in simultaneously using two different browsers (for example Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).

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