Add music and audio files

1. File for download
In order to download music on your website, it must be in MP3 format. Don't know how to insert a file for downloadClick here.
Here's an example of a music file to download: ambientium (mp3, 13,9 MB).

2. Play the file directly online
Your website visitors can also play music directly on your website by using services of external sites such as or

Choose a music file from an external provider or upload your own file, generate the HTML code, and add it to your website via a widget. Follow the instructions on how to add a widget.

3. Background music on the web 
You can insert background music to your website like a widget. Generate and copy the HTML code of the music that you get from the external provider and add it to the main page of your website.

Note that if you use music files on your website, it is necessary to respect the copyright of these files.

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