How to Set up Payment Methods

This article will describe how to set up payment methods for your online store.

  1. To add more payment methods, start by clicking the SETTINGS button in the top menu.


  1. Choose the Online store tab and then click Set up under Payment methods.

online store

  1. Your online store comes with a set of preset payment methods that you can use or edit to fit your needs by clicking on them.

add payment method

You are also able to add new payment methods by clicking New payment method.

You can see how to connect your PayPal account to your online store in the article How to Set Up PayPal. If you have not yet upgraded your PayPal account to a business account, please take a look at the article PayPal Business Account. You can as well Connect Stripe to Accept Credit Card Payments

TIP: When you add a new payment method to your online store, it will automatically be marked as Active. This means that the payment method was successfully added to your online store but does not mean that the payment method is automatically connected to an external payment system. Please contact the provider of the payment method directly to be sure that everything is fully set up and connected.

TIP: It is highly suggested that you check with Webnode support to make sure that your desired payment method is supported.

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