Basic Settings

This article will show you how to change currencies, tax rates and how to update the notification email address that will receive orders from your online store.

1. In the project administration, click on Store settings and then on General Settings.

Click General settings

2. The second way is to access your shop directly through the editor. Click on Settings.


Click Settings3. Click the Online Store tab and then click Configure under General settings

Choose configure General settings

4. In the next window you will see the following settings:

Currency, Units and VAT

Online store currency

Click the Edit button in E-shop currency to choose the currency your store will accept.

Product weight and size units

Click the Edit button and choose Metric (cm, kg) or Imperial (inches, pounds) units. The selected units will be the default for setting the shipping price according to the weight of the products.

VAT payer

Choose the correct option to show whether you are a payer of VAT. Please check your local tax laws. You can find more information about tax options below.

Email communication

Enter the email address where you would like to receive notifications of orders placed on your online store.

Store's email address
Set up an email address from which e-shop customers will receive purchase information. Only an account created on the domain used for this site can be set as an email address.

Online store settings

You can find more information about e-mail boxes here.

TIP: If you have created an email address but it does not appear in this setting, please write to our support. In this case, we'll check if your domain is set up correctly.

Don’t forget to Save your changes.

Tax Rates

You are able to enter the settings for Tax rates from this window by clicking the link.

The second way is to access them directly in the project administration. Here click on Store settings and then on Tax rates.

Choose Tax rates

You can also reach this window from the SETTINGS menu and click Set up in the Tax rates tab.

Set up Tax rates

This window will allow you to add a new tax rate by clicking Add new rate.

Add new rate

If you would like to delete an existing tax rate, click the check box and then Delete.

Delete rate

If you have more than one tax rate set up in your online store’s settings, you will be able to choose which rate you would like on each product in the product’s page in the drop-down menu. You can find more information about editing products in the article How to Edit Products.

product tax

If you are not a payer of tax, you can set the price of the product without tax as shown.

no tax

If you are based in the United States, you can find information about state sales tax in the article U.S. Sales tax

In order to complete the setup of your online store, you will also have to set up your payment and shipping methods. You can find more information about that in the links below:

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