How to accept an invitation to collaborate on Webnode

If you have a Webnode account

A friend or family member has asked you to collaborate with them on their Webnode website by granting you administrator or webmaster rights to their website. If you already have your own Webnode account you will get access to their project automatically. You will still receive an e-mail notifying you about the invitation to collaborate on their project. Just log into Webnode and you'll find this new project listed along with your other projects.

Accept an invitation for a project

If you don't have a Webnode account

1. An invitation will arrive in your e-mail with a link for registering with Webnode. Click on the link in the e-mail.

2. You will be asked to fill in your login information. After entering your information, click "Save".

Accept invitation

3. The access details will now appear and you will become an editor or administrator of the website.

Accept invitation

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