How can I set the Password protection feature?

The Password protection feature allows you to protect certain parts of your website with a password to allow access to selected visitors. This feature is available with all Personal Premium packages, for Business projects this feature is available with the Standard and Profi packages, and for E-Shops the Profi package only.

Your website visitors can register themselves for your website using the member login feature.

1. Log in to web editor and select the page you want to protect with a password.

2. Click on the "Security" button in the toolbar.

Password protection

3. In the window, set the access options for the page - either for all visitors or only selected users.

Password protection

4. After selecting "Registered users only" click on "Edit". 

5. In the "User management" window, you can add and remove users who can access the password protected pages. Add new users by clicking on "New User".

Password protection

6. Fill in the e-mail address and password, which the user enters to access password-protected pages. When done, click "OK". The number of users that can be added is unlimited. 

7. Remember to publish your page with these changes. The window the users will see for the password protected page is set immediately.

Password protection

Tip: You can also use the "Security" option to close access to your website at a certain time.

Users who have access to locked data pages can access all secure pages of your website. The user who has access to the locked page “A” has also automatically access to page “B”.

When you lock a page that has its subpages, do not forget to lock these subpages too. If you don't do that, they will remain accessible to all visitors and search engines will view them in the search results.

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