How to Set Your Purchased Domain as Primary Domain

The primary domain is the website address (URL) shown in the browser address bar. In order to set your domain as the primary domain for your website, you must have active Premium services.

1. You are able to set your domain as the primary domain directly from the project detail by clicking Administration and then Domain management.

Click domain management

2. The second way to set a domain as primary is by directly accessing domain management through the editor. First, click on Settings.

Choose Settings

3. In the Domains tab, click Manage domains.

Click Manage Domains

4. Select the domain you want to set as primary and click More. After that, click Set domain as primary.

Set as the primary domain

5. The domain is now set as primary. You should be able to see your domain's status directly below the domain name.

Primary domain

Tip: If you have purchased your own domain and a Webnode Premium Plan, you are able to create your own email accounts.

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