How can I order premium services? COMPLETE

1. First step is to loggin to your Webnode project, go to your project administration section and click on "Upgrade your services". 

2. Choose the Premium Package of your choice by clicking on the "Purchase" button for the package you want.


3. The order form will now be displayed. The first step is to select the period of time you want to order your package for. It is interesting to note that the longer the time you register your services for, the bigger the discount you recieve.


4. If you have a voucher or discount code check the "I have a voucher (discount code)" box and a window where you can enter your discount code now appears.

5. You can enter your invoice details by clicking the "Enter invoicing details" box and the fields for entering your data will be displayed for you to add your details.


6. Next choose your preferred payment method and click "Purchase".

7. Your order is now displayed for you to look over with the option of printing before confirming your purchase by clicking on "Continue".

TIP: After you have confirmed the transaction you can review and print your invoice under "Purchased Services and Billing" in the administration section of your project.

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