How to Set Up your Online Store with Google Analytics

You are able to set up your online store with Google Analytics giving you the detailed data you might be looking for when running your business online such as demographics, their shopping behavior or completed transactions.

This feature is available with Standard or Profi Premium Package that allows you to get detailed information about purchased items, such as most popular products, average order value, revenue associated with the order, etc. 

1. Sign in to your account with Google Analytics.

2. On the dashboard, click the admin button in the lower left-hand corner.

3. Click Create account.

4. Enter the required information into the form and click the button Get Tracking ID.

5. Check the boxes and click I accept

6. Copy the tracking ID.

7. In the admin menu, click Ecommerce Settings.  

8. Click the sliders to activate ecommerce and then click Save.

9. Log in to your Webnode account and enter your online store's editor. Click the SETTINGS button in the upper menu.

10. Click the Website Settings tab.

11. Click Google Analytics and paste your tracking ID that you copied from your Google Analytics account. Click Save.

12. Publish your changes.

Your online store is now connected to your Google Analytics account. Now, you have to complete the set up in your account with Google Analytics by setting up what data you would like to collect or set your conversions. 

More information about what is possible with Google Analytics and how to set it up for your needs can be found in Google's guide Get started with Analytics. You can go even deeper into the world of Analytics by taking Google's free courses at the Google Analytics Academy.

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