How to Add a Product

In a newly created e-shop, you will find sample products that you can customize. You can also delete the sample products and create your own new products. In this article, you will learn how to add a brand-new product and set its basic properties. Complete information on all product options can be found in the article How to edit a product.

1. You add a new product by clicking the Products button on the top bar of the Editor.

2. Click the Add product button.

3. Fill in the name and price of the product. You can set tax rates according to the instructions How to set VAT rates for e-shop. If you need to set measurement units, you can proceed according to the article How to set up units for E-shop

4. Upload an image by clicking the Add images section (see image above) and continue by clicking the Upload images button. Then select an image from your computer and confirm your choice with the Close button. 

5. In the Short description section, describe the product. This product description should be as short as possible for clarity. A longer description can be added directly to the product page. 

6. The product can be classified into categories. Using categories, you will be able to organize the products into sections, such as Women, Men, Accessories, etc. 

7. In the Product detail you will find the StockSales promotionVariants and Advanced tabs. In the Stock section, you can enter the product number, set its availability, hide the product in the store menu, and set the weight or size of the product. The Sales promotion section allows you to add labels to products and insert prices before a discount.  In the Advanced section, you can set the SEO of the product (including changing the URL). For more information about variants, go to the article How to add product variants

More detailed information about product settings can be found in the article How to edit a product

8. You have just created a new product. To make it visible to customers, it needs to be published by clicking the Publish button on the top bar of the Editor. 

TIP: You can also add a new product using the product list.

TIP: If you want to set up categories for product comparisons, you must first connect with price comparison websites. More information can be found in the article How to Export Products to Price Comparison Websites

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